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New Arrivals - August, 2016.

PG6289         Law Relating to ragging: it's a crime...don't risk it !!!                              
                        By Mohnot, Naman
PG6290         Law and Literature
By  Posner, Richard.                                                                                            
PG6291         Advocacy in practice
By Glissan, J.L.                                                                                           
PG6292         Cook on costs 2016: guide to legal remuneration in civil contentious and non- contentious business                          
                        By Middleton, Simon.                                                                                 
PG6293         Power of Raisina Hill: constitutional position, functions and powers of the president of India
                        By Malik, Lokendra.                                                                                           
PG6294         Legal ethics and the profession of law                         
                        By Ghosh, Yashomati.                                                                                       
PG6295         Property laws
By Singh, A.P.                                                                                             
PG6296         Law of succession in India
By Kaur, Supinder                                                                                      
PG6297         Handbook of legal instruments on  international human rights and refugee laws                        By Sinha, Manoj Kumar.                                                                           
PG6298          Code of Civil Procedure,1908: (5 of 1908)
By Universal Law Publications.                                                               
PG6299         Guide to company directors: powers, duties, liabilities, corporate social responsibilities and company precedents
By Iyer, L.V.V.                                                                                              
PG6300         Conflicts of Laws
By Setalvad, Atul.                                                                                       
PG6301         Criminal law: cases and materials                            
                        By  Gaur, K.D.                                                                                  
PG6302         Direct taxes: ready reckoner 2016-17                         
By Vasan, M.S                                                                                 
PG6303         Handbook for independent directors: upholding the moral compass
By Dutta, Kaushik                                                                           
PG6304         Intellectual property rights in India                              
By Ahuja, V.K.                                                                                 
PG6305         Law of bail: practice and procedure                         
By  Pandya, Asim                                                                                       
PG6306         Law of partnership including limited liability partnership
By Gupta, C.L.                                                                                 
PG6307         Making a will made easy
By Verma, V.K.                                                                                            
PG6308         Textbook of medical jurisprudence and toxicology
By Modi, J.P.                                                                                                
PG6309         Key to Indian practice: summary of the Code of Civil Procedure
By Mulla, D.F.                                                                                  
PG6310         Principles of statutory interpretation
By  Singh, G.P.                                                                                            
PG6311         Code of criminal procedure                                            
By Ratanlal and Dhirajlal.                                                             
PG6312         Related party transactions under the Companies Act,2013
By Ravichandran, K.S.                                                                  
PG6313         Civil court practice and procedure manual
By Sarkar, P.C.                                                                                            
PG6314         Law of limitation and prescription: Volume 1
By Mitra, U.N.                                                                                               
PG6315         Law of limitation and prescription: Volume 2
By  Mitra, U.N.                                                                                              
PG6316         Wild animal protection laws in India                                
By Mitra, P.P.                                                                                               
PG6317         Writ remedies: remediable rights under public law
By Banerjee, B.P.                                                                                        
PG6318         Select Constitutions of the world                           
                        By Pylee, M. V.                                                                                            
PG6319         Public interest litigation: with model PIL formats
By Wadehra. B.L.                                                                                        
PG6320         Law of execution proceedings                                         
By Bhagat, Y.P.                                                                                           
PG6321         MLJ manual on the constitution of India: Vol-1 Articles 1-15
By Singhal, M.L.                                                                                          
PG6322         MLJ manual on the constitution of India: Vol.-2 Articles 16-28
By Singhal, M.L.                                                                              
PG6323         MLJ manual on the constitution of India: Vol- 3 Articles 29-
By Singhal, M.L.                                                                  
PG6324         MLJ Manual on the constitution of India: Vol. - 4 Articles 2
                        By  Singhal, M.L.                                                                                        
PG6325         MLJ manual on the constitution of India: Vol. 5 Articles 244
                        By Singhal, M.L.                                                                                          
PG6326         MLJ Manual on the constitution of India: Consolidated table
By  Singhal, M.L.                                                                                         
PG6327         Law of protection of women from domestic violence
By Baijal, Rajat.                                                                                                   
PG6328         Economics for law students
By Arora, Surbhi.                                                                           
PG6329         Guideline to co-operative housing societies new model bye-laws 2016
By Lanjekar, Vishal.                                                                                             
PG6330         Guideline to co-operative housing societies new model bye-laws 2016
By Lanjekar, Vishal.                                                                                   
PG6331         Commentary on the Indian Penal Code                         
By Gaur, K.D.                                                                                                       
PG6332         Concise commentary on the Information Technology Act, 2000 (21 of 2000 )
By Universal Law Publishing.                                                      
PG6333         Exploring law, ethics and governance                        
                        By Oberoi, Ankit.                                                                             
PG6334         Environmental law in India                                  
By  Leelakrishnan, P.                                                                                          
PG6335         M.K. Gandhi's the law and the lawyers
By Kumar, Nilendra.                                                                                             
PG6336         Legal draftsman: Comprehensive guide to deeds and documents Vol-1
By  Hargopal.                                                                                                      
PG6337         Legal draftsman: comprehensive guide to deeds and documents
By  Hargopal.                                                                                               
PG6338         Motor accident claims: law and procedure                                    
By Jai, Janak Rai.                                                                           
PG6339         Preventive detention and democratic State
By  Ludsin, Hallie                                                                           
PG6340         Code of civil procedure: Volume 1                            
                        By  Sarkar, S.C.                                                                               
PG6341         Code of civil Procedure Volume- 2       
By  Sarkar, S.C.                                                                                           
PG6342         Sexual harassment at workplace: commentary and digest on sexual harassment of women at workplace
                        By  Kumar, Gaurav                                                                                            
PG6343         Ek deep..kavi Pradeep
By Nautiyal, Nandkishor.                                                                          
PG6344         Em and the Big Hoom
By Pinto, Jerry.                                                                                  
PG6345         Scientific Expert Evidence: determining probative value and admissibility in the courtroom
By Dinkar, V.R.                                                                                            
PG6346         Law of Trusts
By  Goyle, L.C.                                                                                             
PG6347         New jurisprudence: grammar of modern law
By Mukharji, P.B.                                                                                        
PG6348         Civil court: practice and procedure                         
                        By  Ganguly, A.C.                                                                                       
G6349            Co-ownwership and partition
By  Mitra, S.D.                                                                                              
PG6350         Penumbra of natural justice                                
                        By  Choudhary, T.G.                                                                                   
PG6351         Temple of justice: school of life
                        By  Bamba, Poonam.                                                                                 
PG6352         Art of a lawyer: cross examination, advocacy and courtmanship
By Malik, B.                                                                                      
PG6353         Law of Trust
By Ratanlal and Dhirajlal                                                                          
PG6354         Judicial control of administrative action
By  Banerjee, B.P                                                                                        
PG6355         Bureaucrat fights back: complete story of Indian reform
By Baijal, Pradeep.                                                                                              
PG6356         Bad news: last journalists in a dictatorship
By Sundaram, Anjan.                                                                                             
PG6357         Theatres of democracy: between the epic and the everyday
By Visvanathan, Shiv                                                                                           
PG6358         Feast of vultures: hidden business of democracy in India
By Joseph, Josy.                                                                                         
PG6359         Hangman's journal
By  Warrier, Shashi.                                                                                   
PG6360         Industries of the future
By Ross, Alec                                                                                              
PG6361         Guideline to co-operative housing societies new model bye-laws 2016
By Lanjekar, Vishal.                                                                                             
PG6362         Guideline to co-operative housing societies new model bye-laws 2016
By Lanjekar, Vishal.                                                                                             
PG6363         25 magnificent Indians of the 29th Century
By Lal, S.                                                                                                      
PG6364         Tales on tweet
By Pandey, Manoj.                                                                                     
PG6365         Sue the messenger: how legal harassment by corporates in shackling reportage and undermining democracy in India
By Ghosh, Subir.                                                                                        
PG6366         Reclaiming conservation: power of talk in a digital age
By Turkle, Sherry.                                                                            

Monday, August 8, 2016

New Arrivals- July,2016

PG6252           Pigeons of the domes: Stories on communalism
-Jalil, Rakhshanda.
PG6253           Tale of two Prime Ministers: Who won          the legal battle but lost the regime.
Aggarwal, S.N.
PG6254           Appointing our judges : Forging independence and accountability
-Paul, Santosh.
PG6255           Civil trials: Practice and Procedure    
                        - Kakde, Vinayak D.

PG6256            Industrial, labour and general laws: Theory, cases and MCQs
-Vohra, Amit.
PG6257           Makers of the Supreme Court
-Dayal, Keshav.
PG6258           Portraits from the memory / Pillai,                        
                        -R. Vasudev.

PG6259           Supreme Court on fundamental duties                       
                       -Atre, B. R.

PG6260           Judicial world of a multi- splendoured genious: Sir Asutosh Mookerjee
-Pai, V Sudhish.
PG6261           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India: Volume 5, Article 20-24
                        - Subramani, S.S.
PG6262           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India: Vol 6- Articles 25-35
-Subramani, S.S.
PG6263           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India Vol-7: Articles 36-78
PG6264           Employees how to save income tax :  as amended by Finance Act 2016 
PG6265           Guide to Real Estate ( Regulation and Development) Act 2016: Act No. 16 of 2016
PG6266           Guide to GST model law: issued by Empowered Committee of State Finance                          Ministers 
                        -  Taxmann
PG6267            Guide to transfer pricing: with transfer pricing audit
PG6268           Income Tax Act: as recommended by  Finance Act 2016
PG6269           Master guide to Income tax Act with commentary on Finance Act 2016
-Shah, Pradeep S.
PG6270            Direct Taxes: law and practice with special reference to tax planning
                        -Singhania, Vinod K.
PG6271           Companies Act 2013 with rules and forms
PG6272            Sir Asutosh Mookerjee`s judicial world through judgments: Second volume
-Pai, V. Sudhish.  
PG6273           Criminal manual    
-Gupta, Shriniwas  
PG6274           Sanjiva Row's The Advocates Act, 1961
 -Sapre, Akshay   
PG6275           Major civil manual 
                        - Arora, D. K.           

PG6276           Principles of Muhammadan jurisprudence and Mahomedan Law    
-Abdur, Rahim      
PG6277           National Company Law Tribunal and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal: law, practice and procedure
                            Manekar-Wazalwar, Prachi          

PG6278           Consiglieri: leading from the shadows    
                          - Hytner, Richard       
PG6279           Blood red river: journey into the heart of India's development conflict 
Prasad, Rohit     

PG6280           Rise and fall of nations: ten rules of change in the post-crisis world
Sharma, Ruchir                 

PG6281           Why aren't we dead yet?: survivor's  guide to the immune system  
Ben-Barak, Idan               

PG6282     Age of endlings: explorations and investigations into the Indian wild                             
Mazoomdaar, Jay             

PG6283           Mind for numbers: how to excel at math and science 
( even if you flunked algebra) 
 Oakley, Barbara               

PG6284           Hitched: modern woman and arranged marriage     
Krishnan, Nandini.
PG6285           Nawabs, nudes, noodles: India  through 50 years of advertising  
Parameswaran. Ambi     
PG6286           If you're so smart, why aren't you happy: how to turn career success into life success                 - Raghunathan, Raj             

PG6287           In the bonesetter's waiting-room : travels through Indian medicine 
                        - Prasad, Aarath       

PG6288           Hindutva or Hind Swaraj  
                        - Ananthamurthy, U. R.