Monday, August 8, 2016

New Arrivals- July,2016

PG6252           Pigeons of the domes: Stories on communalism
-Jalil, Rakhshanda.
PG6253           Tale of two Prime Ministers: Who won          the legal battle but lost the regime.
Aggarwal, S.N.
PG6254           Appointing our judges : Forging independence and accountability
-Paul, Santosh.
PG6255           Civil trials: Practice and Procedure    
                        - Kakde, Vinayak D.

PG6256            Industrial, labour and general laws: Theory, cases and MCQs
-Vohra, Amit.
PG6257           Makers of the Supreme Court
-Dayal, Keshav.
PG6258           Portraits from the memory / Pillai,                        
                        -R. Vasudev.

PG6259           Supreme Court on fundamental duties                       
                       -Atre, B. R.

PG6260           Judicial world of a multi- splendoured genious: Sir Asutosh Mookerjee
-Pai, V Sudhish.
PG6261           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India: Volume 5, Article 20-24
                        - Subramani, S.S.
PG6262           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India: Vol 6- Articles 25-35
-Subramani, S.S.
PG6263           Durga Das Basu Commentary on Constitution of India Vol-7: Articles 36-78
PG6264           Employees how to save income tax :  as amended by Finance Act 2016 
PG6265           Guide to Real Estate ( Regulation and Development) Act 2016: Act No. 16 of 2016
PG6266           Guide to GST model law: issued by Empowered Committee of State Finance                          Ministers 
                        -  Taxmann
PG6267            Guide to transfer pricing: with transfer pricing audit
PG6268           Income Tax Act: as recommended by  Finance Act 2016
PG6269           Master guide to Income tax Act with commentary on Finance Act 2016
-Shah, Pradeep S.
PG6270            Direct Taxes: law and practice with special reference to tax planning
                        -Singhania, Vinod K.
PG6271           Companies Act 2013 with rules and forms
PG6272            Sir Asutosh Mookerjee`s judicial world through judgments: Second volume
-Pai, V. Sudhish.  
PG6273           Criminal manual    
-Gupta, Shriniwas  
PG6274           Sanjiva Row's The Advocates Act, 1961
 -Sapre, Akshay   
PG6275           Major civil manual 
                        - Arora, D. K.           

PG6276           Principles of Muhammadan jurisprudence and Mahomedan Law    
-Abdur, Rahim      
PG6277           National Company Law Tribunal and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal: law, practice and procedure
                            Manekar-Wazalwar, Prachi          

PG6278           Consiglieri: leading from the shadows    
                          - Hytner, Richard       
PG6279           Blood red river: journey into the heart of India's development conflict 
Prasad, Rohit     

PG6280           Rise and fall of nations: ten rules of change in the post-crisis world
Sharma, Ruchir                 

PG6281           Why aren't we dead yet?: survivor's  guide to the immune system  
Ben-Barak, Idan               

PG6282     Age of endlings: explorations and investigations into the Indian wild                             
Mazoomdaar, Jay             

PG6283           Mind for numbers: how to excel at math and science 
( even if you flunked algebra) 
 Oakley, Barbara               

PG6284           Hitched: modern woman and arranged marriage     
Krishnan, Nandini.
PG6285           Nawabs, nudes, noodles: India  through 50 years of advertising  
Parameswaran. Ambi     
PG6286           If you're so smart, why aren't you happy: how to turn career success into life success                 - Raghunathan, Raj             

PG6287           In the bonesetter's waiting-room : travels through Indian medicine 
                        - Prasad, Aarath       

PG6288           Hindutva or Hind Swaraj  
                        - Ananthamurthy, U. R.                 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Arrivals - May, 2016

PG6222   Manual on Criminal Procedure
                 Sharma, Gokulesh.
PG6223   Statement of Indian Law: Supreme Court of India through Its constitution Bench     Decision Since 1950 Vol- 1
                  Goel, Govind.  
PG6224   Statement of Indian Law: Supreme Court of India through Its constitution Bench Decision Since 1950 Vol- 2
                 Goel, Govind.
PG6225   Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution
                 Choudhry, Sujit.
PG6227   God Who Hates Women: a Women Journey through Oppression
                 Rafizadeh, Majid.
PG6228   Burden of Democracy
                Mehta , Pratap Bhanu.
PG6229   Working Out of the Box 40 Stories of Leading CEO's 
                Raje, Aparna Piramal.
PG6230   Professor Stewarts Hoard of Mathematical Treasures  
                Stewart, Ian.
PG6231   Professor Stewarts Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries   
                 Stewart, Ian.



Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Arrivals- April 2016.

PG6178   H is for Hawk
         Macdonald , Helen.                          
PG6179   Ghachar Ghochar
         Shanhbag, Vivek.                          
PG6180   Take-2: 50 Films That Deserve A New Audience
         Gahlot, Deepa.
PG6181   Environmental Laws and Management in India
         Paranjape, N. V.
PG6182   Law and Practice of International Trade
PG6183   Constitutional and Administrative Law                       
         Phillips , O Hood.
PG6184   Proof of Documents(Civil & Criminal) Including Digital Signature and Electronic Records
         Dewan, V. K.
PG6185   India Needs GST Politics Over Economics
         Rastogi, Abhishek A.
PG6186   Bank Frauds Prevention and Detection                        
         Sharma , B. R.
PG6187   Tales of The Bench and the Bar                              
         Taraporevala , V. J.
PG6188   Contract Law : The Fundamentals                             
         Murray , Ryan.
PG6189   Craft of Research
         Booth, Wayne C.                         
PG6190   Guide to Listing Regulations: With Comprehensive Commentary on SEBI Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements
         Jhunjhunwala, Aditi.
PG6191   Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016
         Gupte, A.K.
PG6192   Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases Doctrines, Latin Terms & Legal Maxims Vol-1(A-C)
         Prem, Daulat Ram.
PG6193   Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases Doctrines, Latin Terms & Legal Maxims Vol-2(D-I)
         Prem, Daulat Ram.
PG6194   Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases Doctrines, Latin Terms & Legal Maxims Vol-3(J-Pr)
         Prem, Daulat Ram.
PG6195   Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases Doctrines, Latin Terms & Legal Maxims Vol-4(Ps-Z) 
         Prem, Daulat Ram.
PG6196   Leadership by Proxy: The story of Women in Corporate India
         Barua, Poonam.
PG6197   Safeguarding India Essays on Governance and Security
         Vohra, N.N.
PG6198   Unique New Framework for Industry Storm the Norm
         Motwani, Anisha.
 PG6199   Maharashtra Employees of Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Regulation Act 1977 & Rule 1981
         Shah, A. M.       
PG6200   Secondary Schools Code
         Shah, A. M.                        
PG6201   Maharashtra Universities Act
         Shah,A. M       
PG6202   Primary Education Laws in Maharashtra
         Shah, A. M.
PG6203   Law for Maharashtra Medical Practitioners
         Shah, A. M.
PG6204   Compendium Educational Laws in Maharashtra vol-1
         Yende, Ashok.
PG6205   Compendium Educational Laws in Maharashtra vol-2
         Yende, Ashok.
 PG6206   Consumer Protection (Law & Practice)                       
         Agarwal, V. K.
PG6207   Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966
         Current Publication.      
PG6208   Health Gap: The Challenge of an Unequal World
         Marmot , Michael        
PG6209   Chance: The Science and Secrets of Luck, Randomness and Probability
         Brooks , Michael.       
PG6210   Confidence Game: The Psychology of the Con and Why we Fall for It Every Time
         Konnikova, Maria.      
PG6211   Economist in the Real World: The Art of Policymaking in India
         Basu, Kaushik.     
PG6212   Filmy Manager
         Vijayaraghavan, Srinivas B.        
PG6213   I Think You'II Find It's a Bit More Complicated Than That
         Goldacre, Ben.        
PG6214   Incarnations India in 50 Lives                              
         Khilnani, Sunil.     
PG6215   Rewire: A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference
         Yates, Chris        
PG6216   Ballad of Bant Singh : A Qissa of Courage
         Dutt, Nirupama.        
PG6217   Framed As A Terrorist My 14 year Struggle to Prove my Innocence
         Khan, Mohammad Amir.      
PG6218   My Friend, My Enemy: Essays, Reminisences Portraits
         Chughtai, Ismat.        
PG6219   Looking Away: Inequality Prejudice and Indifference in New India
         Mander, Harsh.        
PG6220   Unified Financial Code is India Ready? A Critique on the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission Report
         Tarapore, S. S.        
PG6221   Bar Council of India Rules (Under the Advocates Act, 1961 part IV)
         Bar Council of India.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Arrivals- March, 16

PG6106   Pandeymonium
                Pandey , Piyush.                             
PG6107   Art of Thinking Clearly
                Dobelli, Rolf.                    
PG6108   River of Flesh and other Stories: The Prostituted Women in Indian Short Fiction
                Gupta , Ruchira.      
PG6109   Think ! Before it's too late
                 Bono , Edward de.            
PG6110   Walking Towards ourselves: Indian Women Tell Their Stories
                Mitchell, Catriona.
PG6111   Trivualluvar: The Tirukkural
                 Gandhi, Gopalkrishna.        
PG6112   Living Legends, Learning Lessons: Up close and Personal With 10 Global Icons
                Balachandran, Bala.
PG6113   Constitutional Law of India
                 Mittal, Himanshi.             
PG6114   Interpretation of Statutes
                 Myneni, S. R.                  
PG6115   Textbook on Cyber Law
                 Duggal, Pavan.                      
PG6116   Limitation Act
                Gupta , Shriniwas.                         
PG6117   Supreme Court on Latin Aphorisms and Latin Phrases: A   Digest of Latin Phrases
                Modak , Anoopam.
PG6118   Law for Engineering and Management Studies
                Kumar, Nilendra.
PG6119   Integrated Clinical Legal Education
                Sarker, Shuvro Prosun.
PG6120   International Trade Law
                Vij, Niharika.                    
PG6121   Textbook on administrative Law
                 Kafaltiya , A. B.          
PG6122   Miscellaneous Law Referencer
                 Chauhan , B.S.               
PG6123   Shapers of the Great Debate on Immigration: A Biographical Dictionary
                 Brown, Mary Elizabeth.
PG6124   Leases: Covenants and Consents
                 Crabb, Letitia.       
PG6125   Understanding Desistance from Crime Emerging Theoretical Directions In Resettlement and Rehabilitation
                Farrall, Stephen.
PG6126   Civil Rights : New Labour Freedom and the Human Rights  Act
                Fenwick , Helen.
PG6127   Criminal Interrogation and Confession
                Inbau, Fred
PG6128   Measurement Issues in Criminology
                 Kempf, kimberly L.      
PG6129   Police an Introduction
                 Lyman , Michael.                   
PG6130   Law of Work
                Owens, Rosemary.                              
PG6131   Concept of  Vice, Narcotics, and Organized Crime            
                 Pace, Denny F.
PG6132   Justice Administration Police, Court and Correction Management
                Peak, Kenneth J.
PG6133   Sigmund Freud's Interpretation of Dreams
                 Freud,  Sigmund.
PG6134   Ganguly Criminal Court Practice & Procedure
                Mallick, M. R.
PG6135   Muslim Law and the Constitution
                Kader, S. A.              
PG6136   Reflection on Medical Law and Ethics in India
                Bhat, B. Sandeepa.
PG6137   Company Law
                 Saharay, H. K.                                
PG6138   Parliamentary and Constitutional Law Dictionary
                Saharay, H. K.   
PG6139   Mobile Law
                Duggal, Pavan.                                 
PG6140   Landmarks Judgements That Changed India
                Ganguly, Asok K.
PG6141   Supreme Court Education Cases Vol-5
                 Malik, Sumeet.        
PG6142   Business Law & Legal Environment
                Anderson, Ronald A.      
PG6143   Law For Business
                Barnes, A. James.                        
PG6144   Torture Reporting Handbook
                 Giffard, Camille.              
PG6145   Wills, Trusts and Estates
                 Herskowitz, Suzan D.            
PG6146   Criminal Justice
                 Inciardi, James A.                       
PG6147   Legal Issues in the Workplace
                Moran , John Jude.          
PG6148   Vision for Change Crime and Justice in the Twenty- First Century
                 Muraskin, Roslyn.
PG6149   Understanding Surveillance Technologies Spy Devices, Privacy, History & Applications              
                 Petersen, J. K.
PG6150   fall of the Human Intellect
                Parthasarathy, A.             
PG6151   English for Law
                Yadugiri, M. A.                          
PG6152   Basic Legal Research Tools and Strategies
                Sloan, Amy  E.
PG6153   Legalizing Euthanasia : A Pedagogues Perspective            
                 Ghuge, Sharmila.
PG6154   Communication Skills for Leaders: Delivering a Clear and Consistent Message
                 Decker, Bert.
PG6155   Legal language Legal Writing and General English            
                 Mishra, Shrikanta.
PG6156   Jurisprudence (Legal Theory)
                 Tandon, M. P.               
PG6157   Womenerepreneurs Inspiring Stories of Success               
                 Kirpal, Avinash.
PG6158   To Bee or Not to Bee : Winning Against all Odds             
                 Mittra , Sid.
PG6159   Managing Human Resources and Industrial Relations           
                 Deb , Tapomoy.
PG6160   Thinking Straight : A Systematic Guide to Managerial Problem Solving and Decision-Making That Works
                 Kneeland , Steve.
PG6161   Law of Contract- II
                Sharma , Kriti.                       
PG6162   Constitutional Law - II
                Vij, Pratishtha.                  
PG6163   Sociology - II
PG6164   Jurisprudence-II
               Tiwari, Garima.                          
PG6165   Economics- II
PG6166   Political Science- II
PG6167   Specific Relief Act
                 Sharma, Kriti.                        
PG6168   Decision Book: Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking          
                 Krogerus, Mikael.
PG6169   Big 100: The 100 Business Tools You Need to Succeed         
                 Kourdi, Jeremy.
PG6170   Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Vol-1
                Aiyers, B. V. Vishwanatha.
PG6171   Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Vol-2
                 Aiyer, B. V. Viswanatha.
PG6172   Code of Civil Procedure 1908 Vol-3
                 Aiyer, B. V.  Viswanatha.
PG6173   Laws and the Doctors
                Siraj, Abdul Majid.                  
PG6174   Women Know Thyself: Law Relating to Women in India          
                 Sehgal, Sangita Dhingra.
PG6175   Law of Marriage and Divorce
                 Diwan , Paras.                
PG6176   Criminal Major Acts
                 Lakshmanan, AR.                       
PG6177   Annual Survey of India Law Volume L: 2014
                Indian Law Institute.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Arrivals- January,2016.

PG5958   Woman and the Law
                 Khan , Nuzhat Parveo.
PG5959   Cases That Changed Our Lives Vol-2
                 Mcdougall, Ian.        
PG5960   Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
                 Kolhatkar ,Medha.
PG5961   Construction Law
                 Uff, John.
PG5962   Justice G. P. Singh Select Judgement: A Tribute to His Craft, Method and Style
                 Singh , Guru Prasanna.
PG5963   Unwritten Laws of Life Unofficial Rules as Handed Down By Murphy and Other Sages
                Rawson, Hugh.
PG5964   Best Defence
                 Dershowitz , Alan M.
PG5965   Does India need a New Constitution?
                 Hansaria , B. L.      
PG5966   Political Science.
                 Gokhale B.K.
PG5967   Law And Medicine.
                 Adhikari , Nandita.
PG5968   Right to Information Law in India
                Paranjape, N. V.        
PG5969   Sexual Harassment at Workplace
                Jaising, Indira.           
 PG5970   Textbook on Public International Law
                 Singh. Rakesh Kumar
PG5971   Textbook on the Code of Civil Procedure
PG5972   Scientific Techniques in Criminal Investigation             
                 Bridges, B. C.
PG5973   Intellectual Property Protection Handbook
                 Verma, Trilochan.
PG5974   Land Issues in India (With Special  to Maharashtra )
                Gaikwad, Shekhar.
PG5977   Muslim Family Law
                Pearl, David.
PG5978   India Reloaded:Inside India's ResurgenConsumer Market
                Sinha, Dheeraj.
PG5979   Women's Studies in India : a Reader
                John, Mary, E.        
PG5980   Thesaurus of Synonyms&Antonyms in Dictionaryform         
                 Rogest's Peter M.
PG5981   Second Sex
                 Beauvoir, Simone De.
PG5982   World at War: World War two in 100 Phrases
                 Gooden, Philip
PG5983   Hubris why economists failed to predict the crisis and how to avoid the next one
                Desai, Meghnad.
PG5984   High School English grammar and composition
                Wren, P. C.
PG5985   Kafkaland: Prejudice, Law and Counterterrorism in India     
                Sethi, Manisha
PG5986   Ultimate Introduction toNLPHow to Build aSuccessful Life
                Bandler, Richard
PG5987   Lokmanya Tilak: A Biography
                Bhagwat, A. K.
PG5988   Story of Google
                Gilbert, Sara.
PG5989   World's Best Inspiring Stories
                Xavier, G. Francis.        
PG5990   Effective Leadership
                Achua, Christopher.
PG5991   Unleashing Excellence:Complete GuidetoUltimate Customer Service
                Snow, Dennis.
PG5992   Grammar of Democracy
                 Sawant, P. B.
PG5993   Leading Ladies: Women Who Inspire India
                Menon, Sudha.
PG5994   Metaphysics
PG5995   on Anarchism
                Chomsky, noam.
PG5996   Dream Breathe Leap: The Art of Living without Regret       
                 Patil, Siddharth.
PG5997   From Socrates to Sartre: The Philosophic Quest              
                Lavine, T. Z.
PG5998   LateralLeadership:Getting it DoneWhenYouarenot the boss
                Fisher, Roger.
PG5999   Introduction to Political Philosophy
                Moseley, Alexander.
PG6000   Upside of Irrationality:TheUnexpectedBenefits of Defying Logic at Work and at home
                 Ariely , Dan.
PG6001   One Point Two Billion Stories
                Rao, Mahesh.
PG6002   Six Lenses: Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships
                Gopalakrishnan, R.
PG6003   Little Book of Talent: Tips for Improving Skills            
                Coyle, Daniel.
PG6004   Crocodile in Water Tiger on land
                 Harper Collins.          
PG6005   Student Guide to IncomeTax:Including Service Tax/VAT/Excise Duty/Customs Duty/ CST
                 Singhania, Vinod  K.
PG6006   FEMA Ready Reckoner
PG6007   Competition Laws Manual : An Authentic Compendium of ACT/ Rules/ Circulars & Notification on Competition Laws
PG6008   Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act with Rules            
PG6009   Foreign Exchange Management Act With Rules
PG6010   Smart Manager Retail Banking Decoded
                 Sharma, Poppy.       
PG6011   Insurance Laws Manual
PG6012   Conjugality Unbound ; Sexual Economies, State Regulation and Marital Form in India
                Basu, Srimati.
PG6013   Dreaming Big : My Journey to Connect India
                Pitroda, Sam.
 PG6014   Jinnah: Often Came to Our House
                Doshi, Kiran.
PG6015   Ivary Trone Chronicles of the House of Travancore           
                 Pillai, Manu S.
PG6016   Theory of Contract Law : Empirical Insights and Moral Psychology
                Alces, Peter A.
PG6017   Corrective Justice
                 Weinrib, Ernest.
PG6018   Intellectual Property
                Bainbridge, David I
PG6019   Rebooting India ; Realizing a Billion Aspirations           
                 Nilekani, nandan.
PG6020   Turnof theTortoisetheChallenge andPromise of Indias Future
                 Ninan, T. N.
PG6021   Intern: A Doctors Initiation
                Jauhar, Sandeep.
PG6022   All the World is a Stage ; Drama and Its Evidence in the Corporate World
                Srinath, T. T.
PG6023   Commentary on the lokpal and lokayukta Act
                Narayana, P.S.
PG6024   Law Relating toTenders and Government Contracts: A CompleteTreatiseon the Law and Principles ofTenders and Government
                Desai, T. R.
PG6025   Textbook on Human Rights Law and Practice
                Jain ,Rashee.
PG6026   Textbook on the Code of Criminal Procedure
                 Gaur, K. D
PG6027   Law Relating to Electronic Contracts
                Singh, Ravindra Kumar.
PG6028   Public International Law
                Ahuja, V. K
PG6029   Convenient Action: Continuity for Change
                Modi, Narendra.
PG6030   Last Generation chronicling India's Dying Professions       
                Kundalia, Nidhi Dugar.
PG6031   Until the Lions Echoes From the Mahabharata
                 Nai, Karthika.
PG6032   Law and Practice of Conveyancing Deeds and Document         
                 Tijoriwala, M. T.
PG6033   Investing in Real Estate How to Make Money and Save Tax     
                Lakhotia , Subhash
PG6034   Law Relating to Electricity in India
                Guta, Shrinivas.
PG6035   Islamic Family Law
                 Arshad, Raffia.
PG6036   Evidence: Text and Materials
                Uglow, Steve.
PG6037   Textbook on Administrative law
                  Ghosh, Yashomati.         
PG6038   Political Science - I
                Nunes, William.
PG6039   Alternative Dispute Resolution Negotiation and Mediation
                Sridhar, Madhabhushi.
PG6040   Corporate Law in India
                 Aggarwal, Rashmi.
PG6041   Right to Information Law and Practice
                Tandon , Rajesh
PG6042   Commentary on an Information Technology Act Along with Rules,Regulation Orders, Guidelines,report and PolicyDocument
                 Gupta , Apar.
PG6043   Masters Guideto mergers and Acquisition in India:Tax & Regulatory
                Kluwer, Wolter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Arrivals - November, 2015

PG5855   Manual on Indian Evidence Act
         Sharma , Gokulesh.          
PG5859   Law Relating to Combinations Under Competition Law          
         Kanstiya, C. S. Surendra.
PG5860   Press Law and Journalists Watchdog to Guide                 
         Sivakumar, S.
PG5861   Criminal Justice : A Very Short Introduction
         Roberts, Julian V.
PG5862   CLR's Yearly Labour Digest 2013
         Current Labour Reports.
PG5863   CLR's Yearly Labour Digest 2014
         Current Labour Reports.
PG5864   Australia and India A Comparative Overview of the law and legal practice
         Star, Shaun.
PG5865   Linguistics : A Very Short Introduction
         Matthews, P.H.
PG5866   Law: A Very Short Introduction
         Wacks, Raymond.            
 PG5867   Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence Lessons From Efforts Worldwide
         Goel, Rashmi.
PG5868   Unequal Words : Discriminations and Social inequality in Modern India
         Verma, Vidhu.
PG5869   Sanitation Law and Policy in India : An Introduction to Basic Instruments
         Cullet, Philippe.
PG5870   Feminism of Discontent Global Contestations
         Barnes, Ashleigh.
PG5871   Women Protection and Law Legal Analysis With to Dowry Deaths
         Gupta, Madhu.
PG5872   Centre -State Relations in India : Dilemmas and Current Statutes
         Chandra , Puran.
PG5873   IP Acquisition in India Tax & Legal Aspect
         Global ,Altacit.
PG5874   Davis on Contract
         Upex, Robert.                           
 PG5875   Limited Government and Judicial Review
         Bhat, P. Ishwara.
PG5876   Half - Century of Indian Higher Education: Essays Philip G. Altbach
         Agarwal, Pawan.
PG5877   Bio-innovation and Poverty Alleviation : Case Studies from Asia
         Sajor, Edsel E.
PG5878   Cinematically Speaking :The Orality – Literacy Paradigm for Visual Narrative                                     
         Nayar, Sheila J.
PG5879   Essays in Economics and other Cheerful Themes : A Dismal Scientists Occasional Reflections on the World around Him
         Subramanian, S.
PG5880   Filming Reality :The independent Documentary Movement in India
         Chatterji , Shoma A.
PG5881   Commercial Courts , Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts ordinance 2015
         Commercial law Publishers.
PG5882   Code of Civil Procedure 1908(Act of 1908)
         Commercial Law Publisher.
PG5883   Commentary on the Indian Trusts act Including Model Trust Deeds and Forms
         Aiyar, S. Krishnamurti.
PG5884   Commentary on the Foreign Exchange Management Act           
         Sarvaria, S.
PG5885   Indian Contract Act
         Mulla, Dinshaw F.                      
PG5886   Crime and Punishment Trends and Reflections                 
         Paranjape , N. V.
PG5887   Indian Counter Terrorism Law
         Bedi , Shruti.               
PG5888   International Commercial Arbitration
         Grenig , Jay E.      
PG5889   Law of Medicine : Field Notes from an Uncertain Science     
         Mukherjee , siddharthe.
PG5890   Himalaya Club : and Other Entertainments From the Raj        
         Lang , John.
PG5891   Differential Diagnosis
         Kaminsky, Leah.                    
PG5892   Leading From the Heart Sufi Principles at Work              
         Siddiqui , Modi.
PG5893   Legacy : Letters From Eminent Parents to Their Daughters
         Menon, Sudha.
PG5894   How to Win Every Argument : The Use and Abuse of Logic      
         Pirie, Madsen.
PG5895   How Languages are :Learned
         Lightbown , Patsy M.           

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Arrivals-October, 2015.

PG5785   Dictionary of law
PG5786   Philosophy of Law: Introducing Jurisprudence
         Brand, Jeffrey.
PG5787   Research Analyst
         National Institute of Securities.                
PG5788   Mutual Fund Distribution
         National Institute of Securities.
PG5789   Mutual Fund Foundation
         National Institute of Securities.
PG5790   Internal Auditors for Stock Brokers
         National Institute of Securities.
PG5791   Securities Intermediaries Compliance (Non-Fund)                                                   National Institute of Securities.
PG5792   Registrars to an Issues and Share Transfer Agents                                             National Institute of Securities.
PG5793   Micro Economics
         Mehta, Pradeep Kumar.                    
PG5794   Banking: An Introduction
PG5795   Business Laws
PG5796   Economic and Commercial Laws Problems and Solutions          Zad, N. S.
PG5797   Investment Adviser
         National Institute of Securities.      
PG5798   Investment Adviser (Level-1)
         National Institute of Securities.
PG5799   Depository Operations
         National Institute of Securities.
PG5800   Direct Taxes Law & Practice: With Special to Tax Planning
          Singhania, Vinod K.
PG5801   14 Stories That Inspired Satyajit Ray
   Chattopadhyay, Bhaskar.
PG5802   Constitutional Law: New Challenges
         Tripathi, G. P.      
PG5803   Equity Mortgages Trusts and Fiduciary Relations              
         Tripathi, S. C.
PG5804   Principles of Criminal Law in India Cases and Materials    
         Pandey, kumar Askand.
PG5805   Concise Book on International Law & human Rights            
         Agarwal, H. O.
PG5806   General Principles of Law of Insurance
         Chaudhary, R.N.
PG5807   Judicial Process
         Tripathi, G. P.                        
PG5808   Legal Method
         Tripathi, G. p.                              
PG5809   Law and Social Transformation
         Tripathi, G. P.            
PG5810   Law Relating to Title Search and Title Certificate of Immovable Property
PG5811   4000 Questions for Cross Examination in Criminal Cases (Including Suggestions to be put to Witnesses)
         Saldanna, Michael F.
PG5812   Trade Marks & Passing off vol-1
         Kailasam, K. C.          
PG5813   Trade Marks & Passing off vol-2
         Kailasam, K. C.          
PG5814   Supreme Court on Sports Entertainment & Leisure            
  Malik, Surendra.        
PG5815   Companies Act, 2013 from an Auditors Perspective with Relevant Audit Check List
    Billimoria, CA Zubin F.
PG5816   Commentary on the Information Technology Act                
         Bhansali, S. R.
PG5817   Key to Marriage Divorce & Maintenance: Practice & Procedure
         Kumar, Narender.
PG5818   Textbook on the Constitution of India
         Bhansali, S.R.
PG5819   Probation and Parole Theory and Practice
         Abadinsky, Howard.
PG5820   Criminology
         Adler, Freda.                                
PG5821   Criminal Justice
         Albanese, Jay S.                        
PG5822   Street Law: A Course in Practical Law
         Arbetman, Lee P.
PG5823   Cases and Text on Property
         Casner, a James.              
PG5824   Civil Litigation in Connecticut: Anatomy of Lawsuit        
         Peterson, Kimberly A.
PG5825   Contemporary Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice: Essays in Honor of Gillbert   Gies
         Pontell, Henry N.
PG5826   Administrative Law in the Political System
         Warren, kenneth F.
PG5827   Problem and Materials in Commercial law
PG5828   Criminology Theory
          Williams, Frank P.                    
PG5829   Introduction to Law
         Hames, Joanne Banker.                
PG5830   Public Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice                
         Hancock, Barry W.
PG5831   History of Law in a Multi- Culture Society
         Haris, Ron
PG5832   Criminal Justice Student Writer's Manual
PG5833   Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing Structure Strategy and Style
         Neuman, Richard K.
PG5834   Winning Courtrooms Strategies
          Wright Edward.              
PG5835   Criminal Behavior: A Psychosocial Approach
         Bartol, Curt R.
PG5836   Justice Legitimacy and Self- Determination Moral Foundations for International law
         Buchanan, Allen.
PG5837   Law of Torts
         Cooke, John.                                
PG5838   Problem of Pornography: Regulation and the Right to Free Speech
         Easton, Susan M.
PG5839   Criminal Law
         Elliott, Catherine.                          
PG5840   Essential of Employment Law
         Lewis, David.                
PG5841   Paralegal's Guide to Family Law and Practice                
         Luppino, Grace A.
PG5842   Criminal Investigation: The Art and the Science            
         Lyman, Michael.
PG5843   Sage Dictionary of Criminology
    Mclaughlin, Eugene.          
PG5844   It's a Crime Women and Justice
         Muraskin, Roslyn.          
PG5845   Criminal Law
         Reid, Sue Titus.                            
PG5846   Punishment, Compensation, and Law: a Theory of Enforceability
         Reiff, Mark R.
PG5847   All About Torts
         Scaros, Constantinos.                    
PG5848   Criminal Justice
         Schmalleger, Frank.                      
PG5849   Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the Twenty First Century
         Schmalleger, Frank.
PG5850   Criminal Law Today: An Introduction with Capstone Cases
         Schmalleger, Frank.
PG5851   Criminology Today
         Schmalleger, Frank.                    
PG5852   Law's Desire Sexuality and the Limits of Justice            
         Stychin, Carl F.
PG5853   Managing the Legal Factor: Business Law Text & Cases      
         Wiesner, Donald A.
PG5854   Globalisation Democratisation and Distributive Justice       Sharma, Mool Chand.