Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Arrivals - December, 2014

PG5252   Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End        
         Gawande, Atul.
PG5253   How Baniyas Do Business : ROKDA
         Inamdar, Nikhil.        
PG5254   Language As An Ethics
         Namisan , Vijay.                    
PG5255   Face Off
         Baldacci, David.                                
PG5256   Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics-I learned From Online Dating
         Oyer, Paul.
PG5257   Because Life is a Gift
PG5258   Shadows in The Sun : Healing from Depression and Finding the Light Within
         Ramprasad, Gayathri.
PG5259   Chief Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan : Biography of the Great Jurist
         Mahajan , Vidya Dhar.
PG5260   Non- International Armed Conflict in International Law      
         Dinstein , Yoram.
PG5261   Criminal Procedure code 1973
         Gupta , Shriniwas.          
PG5262   Rights of Juveniles : Juvenile Justice System
         Davis,Samuel M.
PG5263   Principles of Modern Company Law
         Gower & Davis ,Paul L.
PG5264   Rebel : A Biography of Ram Jethmalani
PG5265   India's Constitution Origins & Evolution Vol-1 Preamble to Article 18
         Pal, Samaraditya.
PG5266   India's Constitution Origins & Evolution Vol-2 Article 19-28
         Pal, Samaraditya.
PG5267   Student Handbook on Taxation Assessment Year 2015-2016      
         Manoharan, T. N.
PG5268   Cyberspace and National Security : Threats,Opportunities and Power in a Virtual World
         Reveron,Derek S.
PG5270   Textbook Of Jurisprudence.
         Koul , Autar Krishen.          
PG5271   Land Laws ( Including Land Acquisition & Rent Laws)        
         Singh, Kanwal D. P.
PG5272   Business & Community : Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India
         Sundar, Pushpa.
PG5273   Social Work in Mental Health : Contexts and Theories for Practice
         Francis Abraham P.
PG5274   Social Work in Mental Health : Areas of Practice , Challenges and Way Forward
         Francis, Abraham.
PG5275   Urban Women in Contemporary India ; A Reader                
         Ghadially , Rehana.
PG5276   Easy Money : Evolution of Money From Robinson Crusoe to the First World War
         Kaul Vivek.
PG5277   Eat The Sky Drink the Ocean
         Murrary , Kirsty.            
PG5278   Policing in India : Some Unpleasant Essays
         Joshi, G.P.
PG5279   Talking of Justice People Rights in Modern India          
         Seth, Leila.
PG5280   Getting India Back on Track : An Action Agenda for Reform
         Debroy, Bibek.
PG5281   Jugad Innovation : A Fugal & Flexible Approach to Innovation for the 21st century
         Radjou, Navi.
PG5282   India's Risks: Democratizing the Management of Threats to Environment Health and Values
         Moor, Raphaelle.
PG5283   Business Standard 2012
         Business Standard.                
PG5284   Eat That Frog!  21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and get more Done in Less Time
         Tracy , Brain.


Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Arrivals- November, 2014

PG5215   Commentary on Constitution of India Art15-19 Vol-3  
         Basu, Durga Das.
PG5216   Interpretation of Statutes
         Mittal, HImanshi.          
PG5217   Nine Degrees of Justice : New Perspectives on Violence Against Women in India
         Datta, Bishakha.
PG5218   Health of Nations: Society and Law Beyond the State      
         Allott, Philip.
PG5219   Law of Electronic Commerce
         Davidson, Allan.              
PG5220   Piracy in the Indian Film Industry Copyright and Cultural Consonance
         Scaria , Arul George.
PG5221   Cartel Regulation India in an International Perspective    
         Dasgupta , Lovely.
PG5222   Fates of Political Liberalism In the British Post-        
         Colony : The Politics of the Legal Complex
         Halliday,Terence C.
PG5223   International Human Rights Law
         Schutter, Olivier De.    
PG5224   Professional English In Use
         Brown, Gillian D.          
PG5225   Electronic Silk Road: How The Web Binds the World Together in Commerce
         Chander, Anupam.
PG5226   Presidential Legislation in India : Law & Practice of Ordinances
         Dam, Shubhankar.
PG5227   Inside Lawyers Ethics
         Parker, Christine.                
PG5228   Jurisprudence
         Ratnapala, Suri.                          
PG5229   Banking Law
         Tannan, M.L.                                
PG5230   Banking Law
         Patel , Bimal N.                            
PG5231   Public Interest Litigation: Legal Aid and Lok Adalats      
         Rao, Mamta.
PG5232   Company Law
         Singh , Avtar.                              
PG5233   Criminal Procedure
         Takwani, C. K.                        
PG5234   Indian Stamp Act 1899
         Universal Law Publication.        
PG5235   Textbook on consumer protection law.
         Saharay H.K..      
PG5236   All From Memory
         Acharya , B. V.                        
PG5237   Taxation Laws
         Lakshmanan, A. R.                          
PG5238   King, Governance and Law In Ancient India : Kautilya's Arthasastra
         Olivelle, Patrick.
PG5239   Legal Traditions of the World: Sustainable Diversity in Law
         Glenn, H. Patrick.
PG5240   Textbook on labour & Industrial Law
         Saharay , H. K.      
PG5241   International Indians & The Law
         Malhotra , Anil.        
PG5242   Law of Court Fees & Suit Valuation Stamp, Registration and Supreme Court Rules : Minor Acts
PG5243   Good Lawyer: Seeking Quality in the Practice of Law        
         Linder, Douglas O.
PG5244   Effective Argument and Critical Thinking
PG5245   Philosophy at 3 : AM : Questions & Answers with 25 Top Philosophers
 Marshall, Richard.
PG5246   Dharma : Its Early History in Law, Religion and Narrative
         Hiltebeitel, Alf.
PG5247   Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research
         Leavy ,Patricia.
PG5248   Masters of Sociological Thoughts : Ideas in Historical & Social Context
         Coser, Lewis A.
PG5249   Principles of economics
         Mankiw, n Gregory.              
PG5250   Principles of Microeconomics
         Mankiw , N Greg.          
PG5251   Social Problems in India
         Ahuja, Ram.                    

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Arrivals - October , 2014

PG5169   Textbook on the transfer of property act.
         Singh, Avtar.      
PG5170   Textbook On Human Rights Law and Practice
         Jain, Rashee.
PG5171   Golden Legal Maxims
         Aiyar, S. Krishnnamurthi.          
PG5172   Dictionary of Environment and Conservation
         Park, Chris.
PG5173   What The Best Law Teachers Do
         Schwartz , Michael H.      
PG5174   Dalit Millionaires 15 inspiring Stories to Inspire,        
         Motivate and Unleash the Winner Within
         Khandekar Milind.
PG5175   Battles India's Half Improbable Won Democracy              
         Varshney , Ashut.
PG5176   Habit of Winning Stories to Inspire Motivate and Unleash the Winner Within
         Iyer, Prakash.
PG5177   Hangwoman : Everyone Loves a Good Hanging
         Meera, K. R.
PG5178   Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes Simplified
         Mali, Prashant.      
PG5179   Cloud Computing Legal Deskbook
         Mullin , Shepard.        
PG5180   Taxes In India 2014-2015
         Chandak, Arun Kumar.            
PG5181   From Student to Solicitor : The Complete Guide to Securing a Training Contract
         Harrison , Charlotte.
PG5182   Taxman Company Law; A Comprehensive Textbook on Companies Act 2013
         Kapoor, G. K.
PG5183   Cyber Law : Law of Information Technology and Internet    
         Rastogi, Anirugh.
PG5184   Lexpedia : law Students Companion Guide
PG5189   10 Winning Strategies For Leaders in The Classroom : A Transformational Approach
         Osula , Bramwell.
PG5190   Space of Her Own Personal Narratives of Twelve Women    
         Gulathi , Leela.
PG5191   Human Bondage: Tracing its Roots in India
         Mishra ,Lakshmidhar.
PG5192   Understanding India : Cultural Influences on Indian Television Commercials
PG5193   Sociology
         Giddens, Anthony.                            
PG5194   Environmental Jurisprudence and the Supreme Court        
         Sahu , Geetanjoy.
PG5195   Commentary on the Constitution of India Vol-1 Art. 1-12  
         Basu , Durga Das.
PG5196   Commentary on the Constitution of India Vol-2 Art. 13-14
         Basu, Durga Das.
PG5197   Globalization in Practice
         Thrift , Nigel.                
PG5198   Stewarding the Earth : Rethinking Property and the Emergence of Bicultural Rights
         Kabir, Sanjay.
PG5199   International Relations Theory and South Asia Vol-II      
         Sridharan , E.
PG5200   Critical International Law: Post Realism , Post            
         Colonialism and Transnationalism
         Singh, Prabhakar.
PG5201   Sorry About That: The Language of Public Apology          
         Battistella , Edwin L.
PG5202   Story of Pain From Prayer to painkillers
PG5203   Democratizing Forest Governance in India \
PG5204   Criminal Law and Cultural Diversity
         Kymlicka , Will.    
PG5205   Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights
PG5206   Oxford Handbook of Gender , Sex & Crime
PG5207   Understanding The Law
         Rivlin, Geoffrey.                
PG5208   Introduction to Company Law
         Singh, Avtar.                
PG5209   Supreme Court Asserts as Conscience Keeper of the Constitution of India
         Aggarwal, S. N.
PG5210   Taxmanns Company Law and Practice
         Kapoor, G. K.          
PG5211   History of Modern India
         Banerjee-Dube, Ishita.          
PG5212   Geopolitics : A Very Short Introduction
PG5213   India Short Introductions: International Trade and India
         Pal, Parthapartim.
PG5214   Sociology of Health and Medicine : New Perspectives        
         Sujatha, V.

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Arrivals September, 2014

PG5130   Legal Research Methodology                                
         Agarwal, Shipra.
PG5131   Contract Law : The Fundamentals                        
          Muray, Rayan.
PG5132   Commercial Law
         Dobson, Paul.                                            
PG5133   Oxford Handbook of Tax System in                          
         India : An Analysis of Tax Policy
         and Governance
         Purohit , Mahesh C.
PG5134   International Law
         Evans , Malcom.                        
PG5135   Concise Colour Medical Dictionary                        
         Oxford University Press.
PG5136   Oxford India Short Introduction :                          
         The Poverty Line
         Subramanian, s.
PG5137   Early Femists of Colonial India :                        
         Sarala Devi Chaudhurani and Rokeya
         Sakhwat  Hossain
         Ray, Bharati.
PG5138   Indias Foreign Policy
         Ganguly ,Sumit.
PG5139   Democracy in India
         Jayal , Niraj Gopal.
PG5140   Multiculturalism, Liberalism and                          
         Bhargava, Rajeev.
PG5141   Oxford Companion to Politics in India                      
         Jayal, Niraja G.
PG5142   Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms                        
         Baldick, Chris.
PG5143   Dictionary of Psychology                                  
         Colman,Andrew M.
PG5144   Dictionary of Sociology
PG5145   Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms                      
         Oxford University Press .
PG5146   Dictionary of Proverbs
PG5147   Oxford Dictionary of Quotations By                        
         Ratcliffe, Susan.
PG5148   Oxford Dictionary of Scientific                            
         Bynum , W. F.
PG5149   Dictionary of Humorous Quotations                          
         Sherrin , Ned.
PG5150   Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms                        
         Ayto, John.
PG5151   Emdens Building Contracts and                              
         Markanda , P. C.
PG5152   Privacy Law : Principles ,                                
         Injunctions and Compensations
         Taneja , Rishika.
PG5153   Competition Commission Cases : A                          
         Compendium of CCI Cases From 2009-
         Sharma , K. K.
PG5154   Energy Law and Policy in India                            
         Vibhaw, Nawneet.
PG5155   Understanding the Police in India                        
         Verma , Arvind.
PG5156   Handbook on Election Law
         Swamy ,p. Rathna.
PG5157   How to Conduct & Defend Disciplinary                      
         inquiries and Cases
         Kothari, G. M.
PG5158   The Indian Penal Code.
         Ratanlal & Dhirajlal.
PG5159   Shorter Constitution of India Vol-1                        
         Article 1 to 151
         Basu , Durga Das.
PG5160   Shorter Constitution of India Vol-2                        
         Article 152 to End
         Basu , Durga Das.
PG5161   Cyber Law 3.0
         Duggal, Pavan.
PG5162   Legislative Drafting
         Atre, B. R.                        
PG5163   Constitution of India vol-1                                
         Bhansali , S. R.
PG5164   Constitution of India Vol-2                                
         Bhansali, S. R.
PG5165   Law of Specific Relief
         Narayana ,P. S.
PG5166   Lean In : Women Works and The Will                        
         to Lead
         Sandberg, Sheryl.
PG5167   Gifted : Inspiring Stories of People                      
         with Disabilities
         Menon , Sudha.
PG5168   10 Judgments That Changed India                          
         Mody , Zia. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Arrivals-August, 2014

PG5088   Intellectual Property Rights-I
         Sharma, Kirti.            
PG5089   Intellectual property Rights - II
         Sharma , Kriti.        
PG5090   Constitutional Law- II
         Vij, Pratishtha.                  
PG5091   Law of Contract - II
         Sharma, Kriti.                      
PG5092   Criminology
         Shukla , Girjes.                              
PG5093   Economics- I
PG5094   Economics-II
PG5095   History - I
PG5096   History - II
PG5097   Law of Prevention of Money Laundering in India              
         Mehanathan, M. C.
PG5098   Government Contract
         Visalakshi , V.                      
PG5099   Anthropology of Law
         Pirie, Fernanda.                      
PG5100   Lawyers Skills
         Webb, Julian.                              
PG5101   Criminal Trials: : Practice & Procedure
PG5102   Understanding Laws : A Legal Quotient Primer
PG5103   Sexual Harassment at Workplace
         Kumar , Gaurav.            
PG5104   Indian Contract Act
         Mulla, Dinshaw F.                    
PG5105   Criminology & Prison Reforms
         Kathpalia, Girish.          
PG5106   Integrated Clinical Legal Education
         Sarkar, Shuvro P.
PG5107   Law of Preventive Detention
PG5108   Law Relating to Women and Children
         Rao, Mamta.            
PG5109   Taxation Principles and Applications : A Compendium        
         Shome , Parthasarthi.
PG5110   Relevancy , Proof and Evaluation of Evidence in Criminal Cases
         Bhat , U. L.
PG5111   Forensic DNA Evidence : Science & the Law
         Chin ,Ming W.
PG5112   Supreme Court on Arbitration
         Modak, Anoopam.  
PG5113   Law of Evidence
         Krishnamachari , V.  
PG5114   Indian Evidence Act
         Sastri, V. Parabrahma.                
PG5115   Art of Writing Judgments
PG5116   Indian Contract and Specific Relief Act Vol-1              
         Pollock & Mulla.
PG5117   Indian Contract and Specific Relief Act Vol-2            
         Pollock & Mulla.
PG5118   Criminal Law Directions
         Monaghan , Nicola.              
PG5119   Winning Brief : 100 Tips for persuasive Briefing in        
         Trial and Appellate Courts
         Garner , Bryan A.
PG5120   Reading in Indian Sociology : Towards Sociology of Dalits Vol-1
         Modi, Ishwar.
PG5121   Reading in Indian Sociology : Sociological Probing in Rural Society Vol-2
         Modi, Ishwar.
PG5122   Reading in Indian Sociology : Sociology of Childhood and Youth Vol-3
         Modi , Ishwar.
PG5123   Reading in Indian Sociology : Sociology of Health Vol-4    
         Modi , Ishwara.
PG5124   Reading in Indian Sociology : Contributions to              
         Sociological Theory Vol-5
         Modi, Ishwara.
PG5125   Reading in Indian Sociology : Sociology of Science and      
         Technology in India Vol-6
         Modi, Ishwara.
PG5126   Reading in Indian Sociology : Sociology of Enviornment Vol-7
         Modi, Ishwara.
PG5127   Reading In Indian Sociology : Political Sociology of Indian Vol-8
         Modi, Ishwara.
PG5128   Reading in Indian Sociology : Culture and Society vol-9    
         Modi, Ishwara.
PG5129   Reading in Indian Sociology : Pioneers of Sociology in India Vol-10
         Modi , Ishwara.

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Arrivals July 2014

PG5058   To Sir, With Love
         Braithwaite E.R.                      
PG5059   Triple Package: What Really Determines Sucess
PG5060   Why I Failed : Lessons From Leaders
         Punj, Shweta.        
PG5061   Supreme Court On Doctrines Natural Justice, Ultra          
         Vires etc.
         Modak, Anoopam.
PG5062   Law Dictionary
PG5063   Shrimad Bhagavatam ,First Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A.C.
PG5064   Shrimad Bhagavatam,Second Canto
         Bhaktivedanta, A. C.
PG5065   Shrimad Bhagavatam,Third  Canto (Part -1)                  
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5066   Shrimad Bhagavatam,Third Canto ( Part- 2)                
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5067   Shrimad Bhagavatam , Fourth Canto ( Part- 1)              
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5068   Shrimad Bhagavatam
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.                
PG5069   Shrimad Bhagavatam, Fifth Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5070   Shrimad Bhagavatam , Sixth Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A.C.
PG5071   Shrimad Bhagavatam, Seventh Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A.C.
PG5072   Shrimad Bhagavatam, Eighth Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5073   Shrimad Bhagavatam , Ninth Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A.C.
PG5074   Shrimad Bhagavatam , Tenth Canto (part- 1)                
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5075   Shrimad Bhagavatam , Tenth Canto part 2                    
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5076   Shrimad Bhagavatam, Tenth Canto Part-3
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5077   Shrimad Bhagavatam, Tenth Canto (Part-4)                    
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5078   Shrimad Bhagavatam ,11 th Canto ( Part- 1)                  
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5079   Shrimad Bhagavatam , 11th  Canto ( Part- 2)                
         Bhaktivedanta , A. C.
PG5080   Shrimad Bhagavatam , 12th  Canto
         Bhaktivedanta , A.C.
PG5081   Interpretation of Statutes
         Chopra, D. S.                  
PG5082   Media Law : Vol-1
         Jethmalani , Ram.                      
PG5083   Media Law : Vol-1
         Jethmalani, Ram.                      
PG5084   UnderstandingLaws Cyber Laws and Cyber Crimes              
         Tiwari, Garima.
PG5085   Marathi- English Legal Dictionary
         Bhange, Vasant.        
PG5086   Law Relating to Domestic Violence In India : A Study      
         Narwadkar, Pooja Prashant.
PG5087   Law For Senior Citizens & Elder People in India            
         Chavte, Prafull B.

Friday, July 4, 2014

New Arrivals - June, 2014

PG5010   Rulebook For Arguments
         Weston, Anthony.                  
PG5011   Straight & Crooked Thinking
         Thouless, R. H.              
PG5012   Better Surgeon's Notes on Performance
         Gawande, Atul.      
PG5013   Checklist Manifesto How to Get Things Rights
         Gawande, Atul.
PG5014   For the Love of Physics
         Lewin , Walter.                  
PG5015   Concise Commentary: The Negotiable Instrument Act 1881      
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5016   Concise Commentary on The Dowry Prohibitation Act 1961    
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5017   Concise Commentary  on the Consumer Protection Act 1986    
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5018   An introduction to qualitative research
         Flick, Uwe.      
PG5019   Financial Terms Simplified
         Majumdar, Gautam.              
PG5020   Qualitative Research : Issues of Theory, Method and Practice
         Silverman, David.
PG5021   Quantitative Social Research Methods
         Singh, Kultar.      
PG5022   Research Design : Qualitative , Quantitative & Mixed Methods Approaches
         Creswell, John W.
PG5023   Research Methods For Business and Social Science Students
         Adams, John.
PG5024   Drafting Pleading & Conveyancing
         Gill, Kamya Chawla.      
PG5025   Legal Gold For Coaches: A Perfect Guide For Coaching To Lawyers and Law Firms
         Newman, Caroline.
PG5026   Intellectual Property Rights-I
         Sharma, Kirti.            
PG5027   Practical Guide to Contract Labour Regulation & Abolitions Act & Rules
         Kumar, H. L.
PG5028   Maritime Security & Pivacy (Global Issues, Challenges and Solutions)
         Patel, Bimal N.
PG5029   Legal Ethics and Profession of Law
         Rao, R. Venkata.      
PG5030   Introduction to Interpretation of Statutes
         Singh, Avtar.
PG5031   Centenary Miscellany at Law
         Iyer, V. R. Krishna.        
PG5032   Legal Framework on Electronic Commerce and                  
         Intellectual Property Rights In Cyberspace
         Duggal, Pavan.
PG5033   10 steps to Mastering Stress: A Lifestyle Approach ,Updated ed.
         Barlow, David.
PG5034   Dictionary of Statistics
         Upton, Grahman.                  
PG5035   Dictionary of Nursing
         Mcferran, Tanya A.                  
PG5036   Divided Nations: Why Global Governance is Failing and      
         What We Can Do About It
         Goldin , Ian.
PG5037   Story telling for Lawyers
         Meyer, Philip N.      
PG5039   Informal Constitution: Unwritten Criteria In Selecting      
         Judges For The Supreme Court of India / Chandrachud ,
PG5040   Tort Law
         Bermingham, Vera.                                
PG5041   Intellectual Property Rights : Legal and Economic Challenges For Development
PG5042   Why Law Matters
         Harel Alon.                              
PG5043   Legal Ethics
         Herring, Jonathan.                          
PG5044   Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Linguistics
         Matthews, P. H.
PG5045   Human Action, Consciousness, and Problems of Representations
         Ramana, Geeta.
PG5046   Comparative Politics
         Caramani, Daniele.                  
PG5047   Indian National Congress and the Struggle for Freedom 1885-1947
         Tripathi ,Amales.
PG5048   Accounting : A Very Short Introduction
         Nobes , Christopher.
PG5049   Political Economy of Reforms in India
         Mukherji, Rahul.
PG5050   Politics in India Structure , Process, and Policy          
         Mitra , Subrata K.
PG5051   Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone need to Know      
         Singer, P. W.
PG5052   Channeling Cultures: Television Studies From India        
         Sen, Biswarup.
PG5053   Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy
         Garfield , Jay L.
PG5054   Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict      
PG5055   Law of Contract
         Osullivan, Janet.                      
PG5056   India Public Policy Report 2014: Tackling Poverty,Hunger & Malnutrition
         Malhotra, Rajeev.
PG5057   Democracy, Sustainable Development and Peace
         Hussian, Akmal.