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New Arrivals - September, 2015

PG5725   Space Law: In the Era of Commercialisation
         Bhat B.,Sandeepa.
PG5726   Introduction to Arbitration
         Taly Mallika.          
PG5727   General Principles of Criminal Law                          
PG5728   How to frame a charge under penal code and criminal minor acts
         Varshnis, D. P.
PG5729   International Law
         Singh , Gurdip.                        
PG5730   Intellectual Property
         Verkey, Elizabeth.                  
PG5731   Commentary On The Consumer Protection Act
         Barowalia,J. N.& Bhan, Ashok.
PG5732   Gender Issues and Challenges in Twenty First Century      
Pandaa, Uttam Kumar.
PG5733   Science, Technology and Law reforms
         Nirmal , B. C.        
PG5734   Essays: Paper 1 UPSC- Civil services main examination    LexisNexis.
PG5735   Ethics, Integrity and aptitude: General Studies (Paper IV) civil services main examination
PG5736   Governance, constitution , polity, social justice and international relations general studies-II civil services main examinations
PG5737   Maharashtra slum areas (Improvement, clearance and redevelopment act 1971)
         Current Publication.
PG5738   Maharashtra zilla parishad and panchayat samitis act 1961
         Current Publication.
PG5739   Maharashtra village panchayats act
         Current Publication.
PG5740   Lokpal and Lokayukta Act 2013
         Tarde, Sushma V,.          
PG5741   Maharashtra Protection of Interest of depositors (In financial establishment )Rule 1999
         Current Publication.
PG5742   Referencer for central government employees 2016       Nabhi Publication.
PG5743   Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 vol-1
PG5744   Code of criminal procedure 1973 vol-2
PG5745   Company Meetings law practice and procedure                
         Chandratre, K. R.
PG5746   Compulsory English Qualifying paper on English language UPSC civil services main examination
PG5747   Our Parliament
         Jois, M. Rama.                            
PG5748   Commercial Contracts transactions and precedents        Tolleys.
PG5749   Law of Industrial Disputes vol-1 (Section 1 to 11)          
         Malhotra, O. P.
PG5750   Law of industrial dispute vol-2(section 11 to schedule 5)
          Malhotra, O. P.
PG5751   Negotiable Instruments Act.
         Bhashyam & Adiga's.          
PG5752   Code of criminal Procedure : An Encyclopedic Commentary on the code of criminal procedure 1973vol- 1(sec 1 to 224)
         Sarkar, S. C.
PG5753   Code of criminal Procedure : An Encyclopedic Commentary on the code of criminal procedure 1973 vol-2 (sec 225-484)
         Sarkar, S. C.
PG5754   Law of Services and Dismissals Vol-1
         Doabia, H.S.        
PG5755   Law of Services and Dismissals Vol-2
         Doabia, H. S.        
PG5756   Katha : Tell a Story , Sell a Dream
         Narayan, Shoba.      
PG5757   Guide to Decision Making : getting it more right than wrong
         Drummond, Helga.
PG5758   Old man and the sea
         Eemingway ErnesT.                    
PG5759   Knowledge Innovation Strategy : Why CATS don't take part in the RAT RACE
         Kulkarni, Parag.
PG5760   Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People
         Banaji,Mahzarin R.
PG5761   Gender, Identity and Violence: female Deselection in India
         Dagar, Rainuka.
PG5762   It's not what you say, It's the way you say it              
         Parker , Michael.
PG5763   50 Classic Hindi Film Songs : Gaata Rahe Mera Dil          
         Bhattacharjee, Anirudha.
PG5764   Economics : A Very Short Introduction
         Dasgupta ,Partha.
PG5765   Gita Press and the Making of Hindu India
         Mukul , Akshaya.
PG5766   Mediation Practice and Law : the Path to Successful Dispute resolution
         Panchu, Sriram.
PG5767   Guide To The WTO And GATT Economics , Law And Politics      
         Koul ,Autar Krishen.
PG5768   Criminal Manual
         Desai, Shruti.                            
PG5769   Human Rights Law and Practice
         Lester, Lord.              
PG5770   Administrative Law
         Wade, William.                        
PG5771   Wit and Wisdom of Nani A. Palkhivala
         Shah, Jignesh R.
PG5772   Interrogating Women's
         Goyal , Omita.                      
PG5773   Writing and Producing Radio Dramas: Communication for Behaviour Changes, Vol-1
         Fossard, Esta de.
PG5774   Globalization of Legal services and regulatory reforms perspectives and dynamics from India
         Chanda, Rupa.
PG5775   Combating Human Trafficking: Gaps in Policy and Law        Mishra, Veerendra.
PG5776   Protection of geographical Indication in India :a New perspective on the French and European experience
         Marie-Viven, Delphine  
PG5777   Human Drama Inc. Emotional Intelligence in the  workplace
         Mohla , Neeta.
PG5778   Qualitative Research in Management : Methods and Experiences
         Gupta, Neeta.
PG5779   Who Cheats and How ? Scams , Fraud and the Dark side of the Corporate World
         Banerjee, Robin.
PG5780   Easy Money : The Greatest Ponzi Scheme Ever and How It is set to go destroy the global financial system
         Kaul, Vivek.
PG5781   Easy Money : Evolution of the global financial system to the great bubble brust
         Kaul, Vivek.
PG5782   Brave New Bollywood: in Conversation with contemporary hindi filmmakers
         Kumar, Nirmal.
PG5783   Predictably Irrational
         Ariely, Dan.                      
PG5784   Legal Eagles :Stories of the Top seven Indian Lawyers      
         Bhan, Indu.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Arrivals - August, 2015

PG5663   House of Hidden Mothers
              Syal , Meera.                     
PG5664   Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition :  Recurring Pattern of law and Authority
              Goldman, David.
PG5665   Law of Contract : Includes the Specific Relief Act 1963     
             Gupta , Ritu.
PG5668   Sociology - I
PG5669   Intellectual Property Rights- I
              Sharma, Kirti.            
PG5670   Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act
PG5671   Indian legal Theory
             Agnihotri, Anubhuti.                  
PG5672   Constitutional Law- I
              Kumar , Lauv.                       
PG5673   Transportation law
            Rajvanshi, Gargi.                      
PG5674   Immigration Laws
             Goyal , Kanupriya.                      
PG5675   Securities Law
             Jonnalagadda, Kondaiah.                    
PG5676   Lectures in Jurisprudence
             Jayakumar, NK.                  
PG5677   Supreme Court Rules 2013
             Mohan Law House.                 
PG5678   Supreme Court on Equity Estopple Acquiescence & Waiver      
              Malik, Surendra.
PG5679   Economic-I
PG5680   Economics-II
PG5681   History - I
PG5682   History-II
PG5683   Logical Reasoning
            Pratap, Nagendra.                       
PG5684   English
            Gupta, R.K.                                       
PG5685   Economic and Commercial Laws
             Sheth, Tejpal.               
PG5686   Law Ethics and Communication
            Garg, C. A. Pankaj.          
PG5687   Industrial Labour&General Laws: Theory& MCQ             
         Sheth, Tejpal.
PG5688   TDS How to Meet Your Obligation As Amended by Finance   Act 2015
PG5689   Company Law : A Comprehensive Textbook on Companies Act  2013
             Kapoor, G. K.
PG5690   All About GST
              Datey, V. S.                                
PG5691   SEBI Manual Vol-1
PG5692   SEBI Manual Vol-2
PG5693   Guide To Black Money Act
PG5694   Law Relating to Insider Trading : A Comprehensive Commentary on SEBI
             Mishra , CS Bhuwneshwar.
PG5695   Financial Accounting & Analysis
              Ahuja, Narender L.        
PG5696   Guide to Transfer Pricing With Transfer Pricing Audit            
PG5697   Corporate Laws
              Kapoor, G. K.                              
PG5698   Foreign Exchange Management Act With Rules
PG5699   Guide to Insurance Act As Amended By Insurance Laws(Amendment )Act 2015
PG5700   Company Law :Ready reckoner : A Comprehensive Ready recokner on Companies Act 2013 & Rules Framed there under
             Datey, V. S.       
PG5701   LLP Manual : An Authentic Compendium of Act / Rules Circular & Notification on law Relating to LLP's
PG5702   Company Law Manual : A Compendium of Companies Act 2013 along with relevent Rules forms
PG5703   Guide to Companies (Amendment ) Act 2015
PG5704   Income Tax Rules
PG5705   Income Tax Act Amended By Finance act 2015
PG5706   Ethics Governance and Sustainability
           Mishra , C. S.Bhuwaneshwar.        
PG5707   Capital markets & Securities Law
            Saha, Siddhartha Sankar.
PG5708   Mercantile laws
            Jain V K.
PG5709   Handbook of Multi- State Co-Operative Societies             
            Pahuja , S. L.        
PG5710   Constitution of India(Pocket Size)
PG5711   Law on Civil Appeals
            Bhagat, Y. P.       
PG5712   Textbook On Legal Methods Legal Systems & Research          
            Saha , Tushar Kanti.     
PG5713   Problems and solutions on Criminal Law
           Prasad ,Kishor.        
PG5714   Constitution of India
PG5715   Preamble
           Kansara, Deepa.   
PG5716   Legal Drafting Do It Yourself
           Kumar, H. L.   
PG5717   Code of Civil Procedure
            Malik, Shailendra.
PG5718   Civil Court Practice & Procedure
            Bhagat, Y. P.       
PG5719   Commentary on the Constitution of India
            Bakshi, P.M.
PG5720   Law and Practice of Property Transactions in India          
             Divekar, G. M.        
PG5721   Law of Estoppel & Res- Judiciata
            Monir, M.     
PG5722   Final Solution : A Story Detection
         Chabon , Michael

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Arrivals- July, 2015

PG5636   Law : A Very Short Introduction
         Wacks, Raymond.                    
PG5637   Jurisprudence : Themes and Concepts
         Veitch, Scott.        
PG5638   Handbook on Offences and Punishments
         Rashid, M. A.        
PG5639   Arise, Awake: The Inspiring Stories of 10 Young Entrepreneurs Who Graduate From College in to a Business of Their Own
         Bansal , Rashmi.
PG5640   How Gujratis Do Business : Dhandha
         Bondre, Shobha.                
PG5641   30 women in power : their voices , their stories                                  
         Kidwai, Naina Lal.
PG5642   Three Judges and Their Times
         Chapalgaonkar, Narendra      
PG5643   Introduction to the Constitution of India
         Basu,Durga Das.
PG5648   Remaging India : Unlocking the potential of Asia Newt Super Power
         Chandler, Clay.
PG5649   Reaching for the stars India's Journey to Mars and Beyond
         Bagla , Pallava.
PG5650   Longest August : The Unflinching Rivalry Between Indian and Pakistan
         Hiro, Dilip.
PG5651   Footprints of Partition Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians
         Zakaria, Anam.
PG5652   PQ how it Matters More Than IQ
         Kapoor, Virender.          
PG5653   Bedtime Story : A Play & Black Tulip : A Screen Play        
         Nagarkar, Kiran.
PG5654   Of the Record : Untold Stories from a Reporter's Diary      
         Pillai, Ajith.
PG5655   Work Rules! Insights From Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead
         Bock , Laszlo.
PG5656   Frugal Innovation: How to do better with less              
         Radjou, Navi.
PG5657   7 Secrets of the Goddess
         Pattanaik, Devdutt.              
PG5658   Aarushi
         Sen, Avirook.                                    
PG5659   Strategy Rules: Five Timeless Lessons From Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs
         Yoffie, David R.
PG5660   Heat and Dust Project: The Broke Couples guide to Bharat
         Roy, Devapriya.
PG5661   Third Man: Recollections From a Life in Cricket            
         Ram Narayan, V.
PG5662   Dream with Your Eyes Open: an Entrepreneurial Journey      
         Screwvala, Ronnie.

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Arrivals - June, 2015

PG5546   Virginia Woolf: The Waves
         Bradshaw, David.                
PG5547   India Analysed
         Kakar, Sudhir.                                      
PG5548   Bad Moves : How decision Making Goes Wrong and the Ethics of Smart Drugs                    
         Sahakian, Barbara J.
PG5549   Dictionary of Education
         Wallace, Susan
PG5550   What Will work : Fighting Climate Change With Renewable Energy, not Nuclear Power
         Shrader-Frechette, Kristin.
PG5551   Oxford Handbook of Identity Development
         Mclean ,Kate C.
PG5552   Psychotherapy : A Very Short Introduction
PG5553Introduction to Contemporary International Law : A Policy - Oriented Perspective
         Chen, Lung- Chu.
PG5554   Love a Very Short Introduction
         Sousa, Ronald De.          
PG5555   Immigration Law Handbook
         Phelan, Margarel.  
PG5556   Pentecostals, Proselytization And Anti- Christian Violence in Contemporary India
         Bauman, Chad M.
PG5557   Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order
         Mcfate, Sean.
PG5564   Marine Pollution: What Everyone Needs to Know
         Weis, Judith S.
PG5565   Debating Brian Drain : May Governments Restrict Emigration ?
         Brock, Gillian.
PG5566   Legal Writing
         Weblly , Lisa.                              
PG5567 Students Guide to Income Tax : Including Service Tax/VAT/ Excise Duty/ Customs Duty / CST
         Singhania, Vinod K.
PG5568   Student Guide Income Tax: Including Service Tax/VAT/Excise Duty / Customs Duty / CST: Problems & Solutions
         Singhania, Vinod K.
PG5569   Question & Answers Law of Torts
         Oughton, David.                    
PG5570   Externalism and the Mental
         Sen, Madhucchanda.            
PG5571   Environment of the Poor in South Asia : Simultaneously Reducing Poverty, Protecting the Environment and Adapting to Climate change
         Sinha , Anushree.
PG5572   Strengthening Governance Globally Patterns of Potential Human Progress Vol-5
         Hughes, Barry
PG5573   Agnisakshi: Fire, My witness
         Antharajanam, Lalithambika.
PG5574   Human Rights: India and the West
         Peetush, Ashwani            
PG5575   A Pedagogues Romance Reflections on Schooling
         Kumar, Krishna.
PG5576   Contested Politics of Educational Reforms in India: Aligning Opportunities  with Interests
PG5577   Drugged: The Science and Culture Behind Psychotropic Drugs
         Miller , Richard J.
PG5578   Green Signals: Ecology, Growth and Democracy in India  
         Ramesh , Jairam.
PG5579   Hall of Mirrors : The Great Depression, the Great Recession and the
         Eichengreen , Barry.
PG5580   Kusumable
         Mahadeva, Devanoora.                            
PG5581   India Development Report 2015
         Dev, S. Mahendra.          
PG5582   Government against IT Self: Public Union Power and Its Consequences                                    
         Disalva, Daniel.
PG5583   Poverty Progress: Realities and Myth about Global Poverty
          Lal, Deepak.
PG5584   India's Children: Essays on Social Policy
         Kumar, A.K. Shiva.
PG5585   Koogai: The Owl
         Dharman, CHO.                            
PG5586   Weight of violence Religion: Language, Politics            
         Das, Saitya Brata.
PG5587   Orlando: A Biography
         Woolf, Virginia.                              
PG5588   Urban Imperative towards Competitive Cities
         Glaeser, Edward.
PG5589   Rule of Law in War: International Law and United States Counterinsurgency
         Mcleod, Travers.
PG5590   Political Economy of Production and Reproduction Caste, Custom and Community
         in North India
         Chowdhry, Pre
PG5591   Uniform Civil Code for India: Proposed Blueprint for Scholarly Discourse
         Shetreeet, Shimon.
PG5592   End of American World Order
         Acharya, Amitav.            
PG5593   Making of Indian Diplomacy: A critique of Eurocentrism  
         Datta-Ray, Deepk.
PG5594   Motichur: Sultana's Dream and Other Writings
         Hossain, Rokeya Sakhawat.
PG5595   National Intelligence and Science: Beyond the Great Divide in Analysis and  Policy
         Agrell, Wihelm.
PG5596   Interpretation in International Law
         Bianchi, Andrea.      
PG5597   Poverty and Shame: Global Experiences
         Chase, Elaine.
PG5598   Res Judicata
         Bower, Spencer.                              
PG5599   Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru Vol-59 (26 March 14 April 1960)
         Palat, Madhavan.
PG5600   Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru Vol-58 (1 March -26 March 1960)
         Palat, Madhavan K.
PG5601   Sun Tzu and The Art of Modern Warfare
         Mcneilly, Mark.
PG5602   Your Brain on Food : How Chemical Control Your Thoughts and Feelings
          Wenk, Gary L.
PG5603   Principles of Econometrics: A Modern Approach Using Views  
         Bhaumik, Sankar Kumar.
PG5604   Global Sustainable Development Report 2015: Climate Change and Sustainable
         Development Assessing Progress of  Region and countries
         Chakrabarti, P. G. Dhar.
PG5605   Economic Survey 2014-2015 vol-1
         Government of India.      
PG5606   Economic Survey 2014-2015 vol-2
         Government of India.              
PG5607   White Collar Crimes
         Koolwal, Manju.                      
PG5608   Law Relating to Public Interest Litigation                  
         Chakraborty , R.
PG5609   Tracing and Scrutiny of Title in Immovable Property        
         Shukla , Namrata.
PG5610   Law of Witness : Role of Witness in Criminal Justice system a Need to Reform
         Thakur, T. S.
PG5611   Lectures on Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act  
         Gujar, Suryakant Mahadeo.
PG5612   Lectures on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration and Reconciliation
         Gujar, Suryakant  Mahadeo.
PG5613   Lectures on Intellectual Property Laws
         Gujar , Suryakant Mahadeo.
PG5614   Lectures on Property Law: Transfer of Property;Easement & Equity
         Gujar, Suryakant Mahadeo.
PG5615   Lectures on Criminology & Penology
         Gujar, Suryakant  Mahadeo.
PG5616 Lectures on Criminal Law (Law of Crimes/ Indian Penal Code)
         Gujar, S. M.
PG5617   Lectures on Administrative Law
         Gujar, S. M.                        
PG5618   Lectures on Public International Law and Human Rights
         Gujar, S. M.
PG5619   Lectures on Jurisprudence
         Gujar, S.M.  
PG5620   Lectures on Contract -I (General Principles)
         Gujar, S. M.
PG5621   How to Manage a Law School Library: Leading Librarian on Updating Resources,          
         Managing Budgets, and Meeting Expectations
         Asp store Books.
PG5622   Consumer Protection Law and Practice
         Singh, Avtar.
PG5623   It’s Raining Black: Chronicle of Black Money, Tax Havens and Policy Response
         Kumar, Shailendra.
PG5624   Law as a Career
         Kalia, Tanuj.                                      
PG5625   Art of Negotiation and Mediation: Wishbone, Funny Bone and a Backbone
         Omkar, Anuroop.
PG5626   Energy Law and Policy in India
         Vibhaw, Nawneer.          
PG5627   Criminal Psychology
          Kumar, Navin.                        
PG5628   Concise Law Dictionary
          Malik, Sumeet.                    
PG5629   Constitution of India and India Polity 50+1 Test Bank      
PG5630   Practical Guide to Construction and Real Estate Accounting, Auditing,Taxations & FEMA Regulations
         Sanghavi, Kirit S.
PG5631   Practical Guide to E-Voting Postal Ballot & Poll                      
         Binani, Sumit.
PG5632   Alibaba's World: How a Remarkable Chines Company is Changing the Face of Global Business
         Erisman, Porter.
PG5633   Amul's India
PG5634   Mandate: Will of the People
PG5635   The Law : Classic Blueprint for a Free Society              
         Bastiat, Frederick.
PG5558   Vaadivaasal Arena
         Chellappa, C. S.                        
 PG5559   Tyanantar Thereafter
PG5560   Sheet Sahasik Hemantolok Defying Winter
          Sen, nabaneeta Dev.
PG5561   Moogavani Pillanagrovi Ballad of Ontilla
         Reddy , Kesava.
PG5562   Dweepa Island
         Dsouza , Na.                                
PG5563   Jeevichirikkunnavarkku Vendiyulla Oppees : Requiem for the iving
         Miranda, Johny.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Arrivals- May, 2015

PG5516   Underground Girls of Kabul : The Hidden lives of Afghan Girls Disguised as Boys
         Nordberg, Jenny.
PG5517   Law of Tort: Including Compensation Under the Consumer Protection Act
         Singh, S. P.
PG5518   Protection of Children on Internet
         Seth , Karnika.        
PG5519   Cases and Materials on Family law
PG5520   Amid Gods and Lords: Living Through Labyrinths of Religion and Law
         Mahmood, Tahir.
PG5521   Patna High Court : A Century of Glory
PG5522   Sources of Framing of the Constitution of India              
         Chauhan , S. P.
PG5523   Textbook On Arbitration And Conciliation With Alternative Dispute Resolution.
         Saharay ,Madhusudan.
PG5524   Concise Commentary : The Juvenile Justice ( Care and Protection of Children Act, 2000)
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5525   Concise Commentary : The Registration Act 1908              
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5526   Concise Commentary : The Specific Relief Act 1963          
         Universal Law Publishing.
PG5527   Legislation for Justice : The making of the 2013 Land Acquisition Law
         Ramesh , Jairam.
PG5528   An Independent Colonial Judiciary : A History of the Bombay High Court During the British Raj 1862-1947
         Chandrachud , Abhinav.       
PG5529   Constitution of India Vol-1 Art. 1-22
PG5530   Constitution of India Vol-2 Art 23-239
PG5531   Constitution of India Vol-3 Art 240- End
PG5532   Commercial Arbitration : The Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration Vol-1
         Domke, Martin.
PG5533   Commercial Arbitration : The Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration Vol-2
         Domke, Martin.
PG5534   Commercial Arbitration : The Law and Practice of Commercial Arbitration Vol-3
         Domke, Martin.
PG5535   The Law and Practice of Arbitration and Conciliation.       
PG5536   Textbook of Criminal Law
         Baker, Dennis J.
PG5537   Law Relating to Criminal Procedure : A Commentary on Criminal Procedure Code 1973
         Gupta , Shriniwas.
PG5538   Courtroom Persuasion 2nd winning with Art, Drama and Science
         Herman, Russ M.
PG5539   Now What Makes Juries Listen
         Hamlin , Sonya.
PG5540   Introduction to family law
         Douglas, Gillian. 
PG5541   Introduction to Property Theory
         Alexander, Gregory S.
PG5542   Unfinished Agenda : My Life in The Pharmaceutical Industry
         Reddy, K. Anji._
PG5543   Natural law and Natural Rights
         Finnis, John.
PG5544   Out of Line : Cartoons Caricature and Contemporary India
         Devadawson, Christel R.
PG5545   Towards a Theory of Human Rights : Religion , Law ,Courts
         Perry, Michael J.


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Arrivals- April, 2015

PG5512   Medico Legal Analysis
PG5513   Indian Evidence Act
         Rao, V. Nageswara.                    
PG5514   Office of Profit
         Joshi, Abhijeet A.                       
PG5515   Medical Jurisprudence, Toxicology & Forensic Science For Class Room, Investigation and court Room With case laws
         Deoskar, A. S.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Arrivals- March, 2015

PG5378   Land Laws
         Bhatia,Harish G.                                
PG5383   Indian Penal Code
         Ratanlal & Dhirajlal.                              
PG5385   Competition Law in India
         Roy , Abir.                      
PG5386   Contract - II (Law of Contract II with Indian              
         Partnership act and Sale of Goods Act)
         Bangia , R.K.
PG5387   Family law ( Hindus , Muslim , Christians, Parsi &        
         Diwan , Paras.
PG5388   Environmental Law: Environment Protection, Sustainable      
         Development and the Law
         Jaswal, Paramjit.
PG5390   40 Million cases Pending In Indian Court Causes and        
         Aggarwal, R. C.
PG5391   Shorter Constitution of India Vol-1 Article 1 to 151        
         Basu , Durga Das.
PG5392   Shorter Constitution of India Vol-2 Article 152 to End      
         Basu , Durga Das.
PG5393   Intelligence: An Insiders View
         Karnik, Ashok.            
PG5394   New Look At Modern Indian History
         Grover, B. L.          
PG5395   New Look At Modern Indian History
         Grover, B. L.          
PG5399   Sociology : Principles of Sociology with an                
         Introduction to Sociological Thought
         Rao, C. N.Shankar.
PG5402   Key to Criminal Court Practice and Procedure
         Kumar ,Narender.
PG5403   Legal GK for Competitive Examination
         Arora, Manish.        
PG5404   Law of Evidence.
         Ratanlal & Dhirajlal.                    
PG5406   Elementary  Logic
         Basantani, K. T.                        
PG5411   Family Law
         Saiyed , I. A.                                
PG5413   Code of Civil Procedure
         Kamra, Aakarsh.                  
PG5414   Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights : National        
         and International Perspectives
         Ahuja, V. K.
PG5415   Drafting and Conveyancing
         Aggarwal , S. P.                
PG5418   Industrial jurisprudence : A Critical Commentary          
         Rao, E. M.
PG5419   Contract I : With Specific Relief Act
         Bangia , R. K.      
PG5420   Jurisprudence and Indian Legal Theory
         Dhyani, S. N.      
PG5421   Principles of The Law of Evidence
         Singh, Avtar.          
PG5422   Thousand Faces of Night
         Hariharan, Githa.                
PG5423   Almost Home Cities and Other Places
PG5424   Guide to Litigation (Step- By - Step)
PG5425   Contract I : With Specific Relief Act
         Bangia, R. K.
PG5426   What I Know For Sure
         Winfrey, Oprah.                      
PG5427   First Firangis: Remarkable Stories of Heroes, Healers      
         , Charlatans, Courte sans & Others Foreigners who
         Became Indian
         Harris, Jonathan Gil.
PG5428   Criminology & Penology with Victimology
         Paranjape,N. V.
PG5431   MCQ on Banking Law
         Patel , Bimal N.                      
PG5432   Criminal Procedure
         Kelkar's , R. V.                      
PG5433   Law of Insolvency
         Singh, Avtar.                          
PG5434   Family Law Vol-1
         Gandhi, B. M.                            
PG5435   Family Law Vol-2
         Gandhi, B. M.                            
PG5436   Principles of Criminal Law With Model Questions and        
         Suggested Readings
         Srivastava's , O. P.
PG5437   Supreme Court on Environment Law
         Malik , Surendra.        
PG5438   Feminism in the Subcontinent and Beyond : Challenging      
         Laws , Changing Laws
         Sagade, Jaya.
PG5439   International and Comparative Competition Law and          
         Chao, Yang- Ching
PG5440   Citizenship and Identity in the Age of Surveillance        
          Nayar , Pramod K.
PG5441   Consumer Rights and Protection in India
         Nabi,Mohammed Kamalun.
PG5442   Environment, Natural Resources and the Indian Economy      
         Das, Amarendra.
PG5443   Human Rights Under State-Enforced Religious Family          
         Laws In Israel Egypt and India
         Sezgin, Yuksel.
PG5444   My Half of The Sky ; 12 Life Stories of Courage            
         Raimedhi, Indrani.
PG5445   Research Methodology For Social Science                    
         Thamilarasan, M.
PG5446   Restart: The Last Chance For The Indian Economy            
         Sharma, Mihir S.
PG5447   Indian Constitution and Social Revolution : Rights to      
         property Since Independence
         Ananth, V. Krishna.
PG5448   Indian Parliament : A Critical Appraisal
         Pai, Sudha.      
PG5449   WTO, TRIPS and Geographical Indications(GIS)
         Rout,Tapan Kumar.
PG5450   Halt Sattion India: The Dramatic Tale of the Nations        
         First Rail Lines
         Aklekar , Rajendra B.
PG5451   Never- Before World : Tracking the Evolution of            
         Consumer India
         Bijapurkar, Rama.
PG5452   Letters for nations from Jawaharlal Nehru to His Chief      
         Ministers 1947-1963
         Khosla , Madhav.
PG5453   Not Impossible : the Art and Joy of Doing What couldn’t    
         Be Done
         Ebeling , Mick.
PG5454   Law of Arms and Explosives
         Saxena & Gaur.                
PG5455   Taking Liberties : The War on Terror and the Erosion        
         of American Democracy
         Herman , Susan N.
PG5456   Politics of Hindi Cinema in the New Millennium:            
         Bollywood and the Anaglophone Indian Nation
         Raghavendra , M. K.
PG5457   Art of Secularism : Culture Politics of Modernist Art      
         in Contemporary Indian
         Zitzewitz, Karin.
PG5458   Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict      
         Clapham , Andrew.
PG5459   Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity : A New              
         Province of Law for India
         Kirby , Michael D.
PG5460   Law & Technology
         Vij, Nikharka.                          
PG5461   Labour and Industrial Laws
         Yadav, Sunil.                  
PG5462   Constitutional Law of India
PG5463   Rule of Estoppels in Law
         Gupta , Shipra.                  
PG5464   Annual Survey of Indian Law 2013
         Indian Law Institute.
PG5465   Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance : An            
         Integrated Approach
         Bloomfield , Stephen.
PG5466   Logic of Law Making In Islam : Women and Prayer in the      
         Legal Tradition
         Sadeghi , Behnam.
PG5467   Race, Religion and Law in Colonial India: Trials of an      
         Interracial Family
         Mallampalli, Chandra.
PG5468   Government of Social Life in Colonial India :              
         Liberalism , Religious Law, and Women Rights
         Sturman, Rachel.
PG5469   Professional English In Use
         Brown, Gillian D.            
PG5470   International Relations Theory and South Asia Volume-II :  
         Security , Political Economy , Domestic Politics
         Identities and I
         Sridharan, E.
PG5471   Globalization , International Law and Human Rights          
          Addicott, Jeffrey F.
PG5472   Peoples India : a Superpower
         Daniel , Mamachan.          
PG5473   Upanishads
         Rajagopalachari, C.                            
PG5474   Indian Constitutional Documents : pilgrimage to            
         Freedom Vol-1(1902-1950)
         Munshi , K. M.
PG5475   Indian Constitutional Documents : Pilgrimage to            
         Freedom Vol-2
         Munshi, K. M.
PG5476   Role and Responsibility of Teachers in Building up          
         Modern India
         Ranganathananda , Swami.
PG5477   Is there Justice in Life ?
PG5478   Women Pioneers of Catering Education and Consumer          
         Jog , Leela N.
PG5479   Understanding Partition (India Sundered: Muslims            
         Fragmented )
         Krishan, Yuvraj.
PG5480   Hospital Management : A Medical Administrators              
         Comparative Experiences 1965- 1995
         Rindani, T. H.
PG5481   Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lectures 1967-1981 Vol-1          
         Ramakrishnan, S.
PG5482   Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lectures 1982-1997 Vol-2          
         Ramakrishnan, S.
PG5483   Cabinet Secretary Thinks Aloud
         Deshmikh, B. G.          
PG5484   Lokmanya Tilak In The Temple of Justice
         Belvi ,Shriniwas B.
PG5485   President Under The Indian Constitution
         Munshi, K.M.
PG5486   Bird and Cage : Recollection of British Raj Prison Day      
         Bhattacharyya , S. N.
PG5487   Things of Beauty
         Bhushan , V. N.                          
PG5488   Eternal Values for A Changing Society Vol-4 Democracy      
         for Total Human Development
         Ranganathananda , Swami.
PG5489   Eternal Values for a changing society Vol-2                
         Great Spiritual Teachers
         Ranganathananda ,Swami.
PG5490   Eternal Values for a changing society vol-1                
         Philosophy & Spirituality
         Ranganathananda , Swami.
PG5491   Scientific Temper Egalitarian Society and Value            
PG5492   Stories From Bhagavatham
         Suresh , V. Gouri.              
PG5493   Tales and Teaching of the Mahabharata
         Abhishek ,Janaki.
PG5494   Hand of Destiny : Memories Vol-1: The Turning Point          
         Subramaniam , C.
PG5495   Hand of Destiny vol-2: The Green Revolution
         Subramaniam, C.
PG5496   Hand of Destiny vol-3 : Eventful Decades
         Subramaniam, C.    
PG5497   With Malice Towards None : An Autobiography                
         Belavadi, S. H.
PG5498   Living Biographies of Great Philosophers
         Thomas, Henry.
PG5499   Encounters : Real and Surreal
         Narayanan, V. N.
PG5500   Glimpse on Shruti (Vedas & Upanishads)
         Kutty, E. T.Sankaran.
PG5501   Science and Art of Management : How to Solve tough          
         Management Problems( A Personal Account)
         Dalmia,Murli Dhar.
PG5502   C. S. Speaks a collection of articles by Late Bharat        
         Ratbna C. Subramanian
         Subramanianan,K. S.
PG5503   Societies , Cultures and Ideologies : Analysis and          
         Chattopadhyaya, D. P.
PG5504   A Glimpse on Smrithi (Ithihas, Puranas, Dharma-Sastras)    
         Kutty, E. T. Sankaran.
PG5505   Journey of a Man of Law : An Autobiography Justice Dr.      
         B. P. Beri
         Ramakrishnan, S.
PG5506   To the Best of My Memory
         Gajendragadkar , P. B.          
PG5507   A Reporter at Large
         Kamath, M. V.                        
PG5508   A Statesman among Jurists (A Biography of Dr.Alladi        
         Krishna Swami)
         Kuppuswami, Alladi.
PG5509   History of Culture of Indian People vol-IX
         British Paramountcy and Indian Renaissance Part-I
         Munshi , K. M.
PG5510   History of Culture of Indian People vol-X
        British Paramountcy and Indian Renaissance
         Majumdar, R. C.
PG5511   History of Culture of Indian People vol-XI
         Struggle  for Freedom
         Majumdar,R. C