Friday, April 11, 2014

New Arrivals March 2014

PG4843   Honeybees of Solomon
         Thomas, K. T.                      
PG4844   Servant of the goddess the Modern day Devadasis            
         Kermorgant, Catherine Rubin.
PG4845   Family Law : A Very Short Introduction
         Herring ,Jonathan.
PG4846   Public Secrets of Law : Rape Trial In India
PG4847   Medicine and Law
         Kannan, K.                              
PG4848   International Organisations, Conferences and Treaties      
PG4849   Research Methodology : Concept and Cases
PG4850   A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language            
PG4851   Maverick Unchanged Unrepentant
         Jethmalani, Ram.          
PG4852   For Gods sake: An Adman on the Business of Religion        
         Parameswaran, Ambi.
PG4853   India 2014: A Reference Annual
         Ministry of Information and Br.
PG4854   Faction : Short Stories by 22 Film Personalities          
         Mohamed, Khalid.
PG4855   Mickinsey, Mind : Understatnding and Implementing the Problem Solving Tools ...
         Rasiel, Ethan M.
PG4856   General Theory of Employment , Interest and Money          
         Keynes, John Maynard.
PG4857   Reading in social Research Methods
         Wysocki, Diane Kholos.
PG4858   Lectures on Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
         Ghormade, Vijay.
PG4859   Andhari Galli
         Gatonerpan, Suzana.                        
PG4860   Space Law and Contemporary Issues
         Reddy, V.Balakista.
PG4861   Human Right and Criminal Justice
         Kamalakar, Pandit.  
PG4862   Law of Sale of Goods
         Pathak, Akhileshwar.            
PG4863   Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction
PG4864   Law and Social Transformation In India
PG4865   Perspectives on Indian Personal Laws: Status of Women      
         Kapoor, Viney.
PG4866   Jurisprudence (Legal Theory)
         Myneni, S. R.                
PG4867   Legal Systems in the World (UK,USA,Italy,France,            
         Germany, Japan, China, Russia,India etc.
         Myneni, S.R.
PG4868   Legal Research Methodology
         Padma, T.                      
PG4869   Commentary on Protection of Women From Domestic            
         Violence Act 2005 and Rules, 2006
         Acharya, N. K.
PG4870   Organization of Law Libraries
         Sasikala , C.              
PG4871   Citizenship and Emigration Law
         Myneni, S. R.            
PG4872   Guide to Criminal Legal Vocabulary
         Babu, Sudhakara.      
PG4873   Interpretation of Statutes
         Madhavi, Ravulapati.          
PG4874   Information Technology Law (Cyber Laws)
         Myneni, S.R.
PG4875   Justice M. R. A. Ansari Memorial Lectures On Human Rights
         Anand, A. S....
PG4876   Evaluation of Evidence
         Acharya , N. K.                    
PG4877   Law of Insurance
         Myneni, S. R.                            
PG4878   Supreme Court on Right to Education
         Asia Law House.      
PG4879   Islamic Law : Theory & Interpretation
         Mumisa ,Michael.
PG4880   Criminology and Criminal Justice System
         swamy , N.Maheshwara.
PG4881   Is It Impossible to Stop Rape
         Sridhar, Madubhushi.        
PG4882   Mediation : Readers Handbook
         Susheela , S.              
PG4883   Private International Law
         Myneni, S. R.                  
PG4884   World Trade Organisation
         Myneni, S. R.        
PG4885   Jurisprudence : the Philosophy of Law
PG4886   International Trade Law
         Carr,  Indira.                  
PG4887   Commercial Law
         Furmston, Michael.                        
PG4888   Sale of Goods
         Atiyah's, P. S.                            
PG4889   Law Relating to Proof of Negligence
PG4890   Treatise on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
         Joshi, Nayan.
PG4891   Law Relating to Pre-Natal & Sex Determination              
         Prabhakar, V.
PG4892   Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction
         Woodward, Jamie.      
PG4893   Life of Slang
         Coleman, Julie.                            
PG4894   Adventure of a Brahmin Priest
         Godse, Vishnubhat.          
PG4895   Oxford Guide to Effective Writing and Speaking : How to Communicate Clearly
         Seely, John.
PG4896   Remapping India : News States and Their Political Origins
         Tillin Louise.
PG4897   Policing Insurgencies: Cops as Counter insurgents          
         Fair, C. Christine.
PG4898   Language, Gender: and Power : The Politics of              
         Representation and Hegemony in South Asia
PG4899   Legal Aptitude : Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)          
         Gupta , R. K.
PG4900   Precedent in Pakistani Law
         Munir, Muhammad.              
PG4901   Independence of India and Pakistan: New Approaches and Reflections
         Talbot, Ian.
PG4902   Unimaginable Atrocities : Justice, Politics and Rights      
         at the War Crimes Tribunals
         Schabas, William.
PG4903   Oxford Handbook of International Adjudication              
         Romano, cesare Pr.
PG4904   Inclusive Urban Planning State of The Urban Poor Reports 2013
         Ministry of Housing and Urban.
PG4905   Effective Performance Appraisals
         Maddux, Robert.        
PG4906   Effective Presentations Skills: A Practical Guide for Better Speaking
         Mandel, Steve.
PG4907   Cliches: Meaning and Origins of More than 3500 terms and expressions
         Ammer, Christine.
PG4908   Cyber Crimes : A Primer on Internet and E- Mail Abuse      
         Kumar, G. Ram.
PG4909   Word and Phrase origins
         Hendrickson, Robert.            
PG4910   GCP and Clinical Research : A Managerial  Approach          
         Gupta, Umesh C.
PG4911   Human Rights Gender and Environment
         Biswal, Tapan.        
PG4912   International Law: Classic and Contemporary Reading        
         Ku, Charlotte.
PG4913   Fyodor Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment / Bloom,            
PG4914   Lessons in Islamic Jurisprudence
         Assadar, Muhammad.      
PG4915   Look Within or Do Without : 13 Qualities Winners All share
         Bay, Tom.
PG4916   Proverbs
         Manser, Martin H.                              
PG4917   Simplicity Survival Handbook : 32 Ways to do Less and Accomplish More
         Jensen, Bill.
PG4918   Technical Writers Handbook : Writing With Style and Clarity
         Young, Matt.
PG4919   Faultless Facilitation: Book of Activities
         Hart ,Lois B,.
PG4920   Spelling Dictionary
         Wileman, Bud.                        
PG4921   Student's Thesaurus
         Mccutcheon, Marc.                    
PG4922   Guide to Research
         Lenburg, Jeff.                          
PG4923   Words to Rhyme With for Poets and Songwriters
PG4924   Writing in Bullets: New Rules for Maximum Business Communication
         Long Kim.
PG4925   Nature in the Balance : Economic of Biodiversity            
         Helm , Dieter.
PG4926   Successful Legal Writing
         Higgins, Edwins.                
PG4927   Visual Methodologies : An Introduction to Researching with Visual material
         Rose , Gillian.
PG4928   Bennion on Statutory Interpretation
PG4929   Indian Constitutional Law: With Constitutional Documents Updated vol.1
         Jain, M. P.
PG4930   Indian Constitutional Law: With Constitutional Documents Updated vol.2
         Jain, M. P.
PG4931   Indian Constitutional Law: With Constitutional Documents Updated vol.1
         Jain, M. P.
PG4932   Indian Constitutional Law: With Constitutional Documents Updated vol.2
         Jain, M. P.
PG4933   Treatise on the Right to Information Act
PG4934   Mooting and Advocacy Skills
         Pope, David.                
PG4935   Law Making Process
         Zander, Michael.                      
PG4936   Methods for Development Work and Research : A New Guide for Practitioner
         Mikkelsen, Britha.
PG4937   Statistical methods for Practice and Research : A Guide to D
         Gaur, Ajai S.
PG4938   Statistical Methods for Practice and Research : A Guide to data Analysis
         Using SPSS
         Argyrous, George.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Arrival Feb 2014

PG4804   Competition Law in India : Policy , Issues and Development
         Ramappa, T.
PG4805   What I Did Not Learn at IIT: Transitioning from campus to workplace
         Agarwal, Rajeev.
PG4806   Student Guide to Income Tax Including Service Tax/ VAT      
         Singhania , Vinod K.
PG4808   Direct Taxes Law & Practice : Covering Income Tax & Wealth Tax with Special
         Reference to Tax Planning
         Singhania , Vinod K.
PG4811   Finance sense
         Chandra, Prasanna .                      
PG4812   Industrial Relations and Labour Laws
         Monappa, Arun.      
PG4813   Introducing to Logic
         Hurley, Patric J.      
PG4814   Legal Aspect of Business
         Pathak, Akhileshwar.            
PG4815   French Lieutenant's Women
         Fowles, John.                  
PG4816   Women and Law's Critical Feminist Perspectives              
         Kannabiran, Kalpana.
PG4817   Sailing Safe in Cyberspace Protect Your Identity and Data
         Kaushik, Anjali.
PG4818   Legal Aspect of Business
         Padhi, P. K.                    
PG4819   Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEO's and Their Rational BluePrint for Success
         Thorndike, William N.
PG4820   Seven Puzzles of Thought and How to Solve Them: An Originalist Theory of Concepts
         Sainsbury, Mark.
PG4821   Assisted Death: A Study in Ethics and Law
         Summer, L.W.
PG4822   How to Read A Book
         Adler, Mortimer J.                    
PG4823   Wake Up Call for Indian Republic
         Iyer, V. R.Krishna.
PG4824   Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner & Market Value of Properties in Mumbai 2014
         Kanabar , Jitendra.
PG4826   Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act 1963
         Dighe, Sunil.    
PG4827   Law Lexicon.
         Wharton's, oppe A.S.                        
PG4828   Law for Common Man Series: Key to Civil Court Practice & Procedure
         Kumar, Narender.
PG4833   CLAT Solved Papers
         Universal Law Publishing.            
PG4834   Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta : The Song Celestial a Lawyers Perspective
         Gupta , Aruneshwar.
PG4835   Concise Commentary : The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973
PG4836   Concise Commentary The Indian Contract Act 1872
PG4837   Concise Commentary : The Limitation Act
PG4838   Concise Commentary : The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996
PG4839   Concise commentary: The indian Evidence Act 1872            
PG4840   Concise Commentary : The Indian Penal Code 1860
PG4841   India Unic
         Vaidyanathan, R.                              
PG4842   Winning Way
         Bhogle, Anita.                                


Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Arrivals January 2014

PG4726   Don't Sprint the Marathon
         Raghunathan, V.
PG4727   Declaratory Judgment
         Zamir and Woolf.
PG4728   Inter-State and International Water Disputes
         Bhat ,P. Ishwara.
PG4729   Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novel & Stories Vol-1        
         Doyle, Arthur Conan.
PG4730   Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novel and Stories Vol-2      
         Doyle, Arthur Conan.
PG4731   India After Gandhi: the History of the Worlds Largest Democracy
         Guha, Ramchandra.
PG4732   My Journey: Transforming Dreams in to Action
PG4733   Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
         Bansal , Rashmi.
PG4734   Amuls India
PG4735   Charter of The United Nations and The Statutes of International Court of Justice
         Sharma, Brijkishore.
PG4736   Vyakti Aani Vyalli
         Deshpande, P. L.        
PG4737   Turning Points : A Journey Through Challenges The Inspiring Sequel to Wings of
         Kalam, A. P. J.Abdul.      
         MURTHY K S N.        
PG4739   Law Relating to Leases
         Sarma, B. R. N.      
PG4740   Judicial Services Examinations: The Complete Preparation Manual
PG4741   Critical Reading and Writing For Postgraduates            
         Wallace, Mike.        
PG4742   Academic Guide to Publishing
         Kichin, Rob.        
PG4743   Writing For Academic Success
         Craswell, Gail.        
PG4744   Orbit Shifting Innovation: Dynamic of Ideas That Create History
         Narang, Rajiv.        
PG4745   IIM Ahmadabad Business Books : Business and Intellectual Property
         Agarwal , Anurag K.        
PG4746   Ethics
         Frankena, William K.
PG4747   Story of Philosophy Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosopher
         Durant Will.
PG4748   HBR 10 must Reads : On Strategy
         Harvard Business Review.
PG4749   Interpretation of Statutes
         Myneni, S. R.
PG4750   Law Relating to Women
         Myneni, S. R.
PG4751   Motor Vehicles Act 1988
         Asia Law House.
PG4752   Guide to Criminal Law and Procedure
         Acharya , N. K.      
PG4753   Right To Information Act 2005
         Acharya, N. K.
PG4754   Opening Doors : The Untold Story of Cornelia Sorabji :Reformer, Lawyer and
         Champion of Women’s Rights in India
         Sorabji , Richard.
PG4755   Ludwig Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico- Philosophicus      
         Mcguinness, B. F.(Translator).
PG4756   An Introduction to Critical Thinking
         Sen ,Madhucchandra.
PG4757   Aristotle The Politics
         Sinclair, T. A.
PG4758   India of Ideas: 175 Years of New Generating Views          
         Times of India.
PG4759   Healer : Dr Prathap Chandra Reddy and The Transformation of India
         Gupte, Pranay.
PG4760   Never Before World : Tracking the Evolution of Consumer India
         Bijapurkar, Rama.
PG4761   Boards That Lead
         Charan , Ram.
PG4762   Catch-22
         Heller, Joseph.                  
PG4763   The one Minute Teacher : How to Teach Other to Teach Themselves
         Johnson, Spencer.
PG4764   Short Notes and Multiple Choice Questions :Indian Contract Act
PG4765   Short Notes and Multiple Choice Questions : Indian Penal Code
PG4766   Legends In Law : Our Great Forebears
         Pai, V. Sudhish.
PG4767   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking - Glass
         Carroll, Lewis.
PG4768   Sexual Harassment at workplace
         Gupta , Ritu.
PG4769   Introduction to Labour and Industrial Law
         Singh ,Avtar.
PG4770   Interpretation of Statutes
         Bindra N. S.
PG4771   Law Relating to Electronic Contracts
         Singh, R. K.        
PG4772   Indian Law of Marriage and Divorce
         Desai, Kumud.        
PG4773   Law of Evidence Vol-1
         Sarkar, M. C.
PG4774   Law of Evidence Vol-2
         Sarkar , M. C.
PG4775   Maharashtra Stamp Act
         Dighe, Sunil.
PG4776   Law Relating to Special Contracts: Contract of Bailment, Pledge
         Hypothecation Indemnity and Guarantee
         Pathak, Akhileshwar.
PG4777   Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism One supreme Law Many communities
         Bhat, P. Ishwara.
PG4778   Law of Services and Dismissals Vol-1
         Doabia , H. S.      
PG4779   Law of Services and Dismissals Vol-2
         Doabia , H.S.      
PG4780   The Indian Penal Code.
         Ratanlal & Dhirajlal's.            
PG4781   ConstitutionalDevelopment Through Judicial Process        
         Rao, G. Manoher.
PG4782   Public Law Remedy Compensation
PG4783   Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill
         Enright, Dominique.      
PG4784   Communication Process Vol-1
         Bel, Bernard
PG4785   Communication Process Vol-2
         Bel, Bernard
PG4786   Contracts And Their Management
         Ramaswamy, B.S.          
PG4787   Everything You Need to Know About : Creative Writing      
         Leach , Heather.
PG4788   Introduction To Research Methods: A Practical Guide for Anyone Undertaking
         a research Project
PG4789   Your Masters Thesis: How to Plan, Draft Write and Revise
         Bond, Alan. : Viva, 2007
PG4790   Perfect Grammar: How to Recognise, Correct and Avoid Grammatical Errors
         Sole, Derek. : Viva, 2012
PG4791   Writing 'How-to' Article and Books : How to share Your Known - How and get Published
         Mccallum, Chriss.
PG4792   Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers
PG4793   Study Skills in English : Student's Book
         Wallace, Michael J.
PG4794   English For Success
         Sureshkumar, E.
PG4795   Academic Writing Exploring Processes and Strategies        
         Leki, Ilona.
PG4796   Chomsky's Universal Grammar: An Introduction
         Cook,V. J.
PG4797   Methodology in Language Teaching ; An Anthology of Current Practice
         Richards, Jack C.
PG4798   Study Skills In English
         Wallace, Michael J.              
PG4799   Study Reading
         Glendinning , Eric H.
PG4800   Grammar For English Language Teachers
PG4801   Exploring Grammar In Context : Upper Intermediate and Advanced
         Carter, Ronald.
PG4802   Critical Thinking : An Introduction
         Fisher, Alec.        
PG4803   Introducing Phonology
         Odden, David. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Arrival December 2013

PG4706   A Surfeit of Tribute to Indias Greatest Living Judge Justice V. R.Krishna Iyer
         Sahasranaman, P. B.
PG4707   Textbook on Law, Poverty & Development
         Kumar, Maj Gen Nilendra.
PG4708   Judge Orates Selected Writings                            
         Malik, Lokendra.
PG4709   Games Indians play : why we are the way we are
         Raghunathan, V.
PG4710   Ganesha on the Dashboard                                    
         Raghunathan, V.
PG4711   IIM Ahmadabad Business Books; Day To Day Economics
         Deodhar, Satish Y.
PG4712   IIM Ahmedabad Business Books :Strategies For The Future Understanding International Business
         Mathur , Ajeet N.
PG4713   Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
         Sterne, Laurence.
PG4714   How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Science : A Very Practical Guide For Students
         Shon , Philip Chong Ho.
PG4715   Human Rights Law in India :Protection and Implementation of the Human Rights Act 1993
         Harsh ,Bhanwar Lal.
PG4716   Democracy's Discontent : America In Search of a Public Philosophy
         Sandel , Michael J.
PG4717   Case Against Perfection
         Sandel,Michael J.
PG4718   Unknown NAIR an Autobiography    
         Nair, M. K. B.
PG4719   Penguin History of early India :From the origins to AD 1300
         Thapar, Romila.
PG4720   Constitutional History of India 1600-1935
         Keith , Arthur B
PG4721   Fraud, Manipulation and Insider Trading in the Indian Securities Markets
         Parekh, Sandeep.
PG4722   Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966                        
         Current Publication.
PG4723   Death With Dignity : a Delusion or Dilemma !
         Madhavi, Ravulapati.
PG4724   Locks, Mahabharata and Mathematics :An Exploration of Unexpected Parallels
         Raghunathan, V.
PG4725   40 Retakes Bollywood Classics You May Have Missed
         Ghosh Avijit.

New Arrival November 2013

PG4615   Branding in a Competitive Marketplace
         Baisya , Rajat  
PG4616   Business and Human Rights
         Sinha, Manoj Kumar.            
PG4617   Case Study Research What, Why & How ?
PG4618   Communication Process : Communication, Culture & Confrontation vol-3
         Bel, Bernard...
PG4619   Creating Adaptive Policies : A Guide for Policy Making in an Uncertain world
         Swanson, Darren.
PG4620   Economic in Action ; An Easy Guide for Development Practioners
         Santhakumar, V.
PG4621   Human Trafficking: The Stakeholders Perspective          
         Mishra , Veerendra.        
PG4622   In Custody : Law Impunity and Prisoner Abuse in South Asia
         Ramakrishnan, Nitya.      
PG4623   Interlacing Water and Human Health Case Studies From South Asia
         Prakash, Anjal.        
PG4624   Introducing Research Methodology ; a Beginner’s Guide to Doing a research Project
         Flick, Uwe.        
PG4625   Justice Political Social , Juridical
         Bhargava ,Rajeev.        
PG4626   Our Toxic World : A Guide to Hazardous Substance In Our Everyday Lives
         Gupta , Aniruddha Sen.        
PG4627   Practical Newspaper Reporting
         Spark, David.        
PG4628   Research Methodology a step-by-step Guide for Beginners    
          Kumar, Ranjit.        
PG4629   Restoring Values: Key to integrity, Ethical Behavior and Good Governance
         Sreedharan , E.      
PG4630   Sociological Theory
         Adams Bert N.
PG4631   State of Justice in India Issues of Social Justice Vol- 1
         Base, Pradip Kumar.      
PG4632   State of Justice in India Issues of Social Justice Vol-2
         Agarwaal ,Ashok.      
PG4633   State of Justice in India issues of Social Justice Vol-3
         Banerjee, Paul.
PG4634   Sate of Justice In India Issues of Social Justice Vol-4    
         Roohi, Sanom.        
PG4635   Sustainability of Right after Globalisation
PG4636   Basic of Communication : A Relational Perspective          
         Duck, Steve.        
PG4637   Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project              
         O'Leary, Zina.        
PG4638   Theory And Methods in SocialResearch
         Somekh ,Bridget.        
PG4639   Those Who Did Not Die : impact of the Agrarian Crisis on women in Punjab
         Padhi, Ranjana.        
PG4640   Your Research Project Designing and Planning Your work      
         Walliman , Nicholas.
PG4641   India : A Pocket Book of Data Series 2013
         Epw Resarch Foundation.        
PG4642   LLP Manual An Authentic Compendium of Act / Rule /          
         Circular & Notification on Law Relating to LLp's
PG4643   Comparative Politics
         Caramani, Daniele.
PG4644   Oxford History of India
         Smith , Vincent A.          
PG4645   What is English ? And Why Should we Care?
         Machan,Tim William.
PG4646   Towards Freedom: Documents on The Movement For            
         Independence in India 1947 Part-1
         Mahajan, Sucheta.
PG4647   Trafficking of Children for sexual exploitation Public International Law 1864-1950
         Rao, Sunil Salankey.
PG4648   American Epic: Reading the US Constitution
PG4649   Politics And Ethics Of The Indian Constitution.            
         Bhargava , Rajeev Ed.
PG4650   History of Political Theory an Introduction Vol-1          
         Ancient & Medieval
         Klosko, George.      
PG4651   Oxford Handbook of Legal Correspondence
         Haigh ,Rupert.
PG4652   Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation a Step by Step Guide
         Joyner, Randy L.        
PG4653   Contract Law
         Duxbury , Robert.
PG4654   Wisdoms Law of Watercourse
         Howorth , William.      
PG4655   Offences by Companies
         Sharma , Prashant.      
PG4656   Compilation of Transfer Pricing Judgments
         Jain ,Narendra.      
PG4657   Criminology : Crime Causation , Sentencing and Rehabilitation of Victims
         Shukla , Girjesh.
PG4658   Introduction to Company Law
         Gupta , Karn.        
PG4659   Public International Law : A Primer
         Kanade, Jai.        
PG4660   Law Relating To Intellectual Property Rights.
         Ahuja V.K.
PG4661   Law of Evidence.
         Ratanlal & Dhirajlal.  
PG4662   Code Of Criminal Procedure.
         Dhirajlal , Keshavlal Thakore.
PG4663   Jurisprudence
         Dias R.W.M.
PG4664   Introduction to the Constitution of India
         Basu Durga Das.
PG4668   Implementation of Basic Human Rights
         Sinha, Manoj Kumar.
PG4669   Law of Copyright Comparative Perspectives
         Chawla, Alka.
PG4670   Introduction to Jurisprudence
          Singh, Avtar.              
PG4671   How to Moot : A Student Guide to Mooting
PG4672   Cloud Computing Law
         Millard , Christopher.                
PG4673   One Step Ahead Writing Reports
         Seely , John.              
PG4674   Information Technology Law : The Law and Society            
         Murray, Andrew.
PG4675   Oxford Handbook of Political Ideologies
         Freeden ,Michael.
PG4676   Law of Arbitration & Conciliation and Alternative Dispute Resolution System
         Singh, Avtar.
PG4677   Interpretation of Statutes
         Sarathi, Vepa P.              
PG4678   Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
         Subharao, G.C.Venkata.
PG4679   Institution of Property : Legally Historically and Philosophically  Regarded
         Bhalla, R. S.
PG4680   Modern Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution            
         Mcmeel, Gerard.
PG4681   Law, Development and Social Economic Policy
         Patel ,Bimal N.
PG4682   Supreme Court Education Cases Vol-4
         Malik, Sumeet.        
PG4683   Professional Guide to Domestic Transfer Pricing            
         Bilaney, Sunny Kishore.
PG4684   Indian Penal Code 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure 1973, Indian Evidence act 1872
PG4685   Managing Tax Dispute In India : Key Concept and Practical Insights
PG4686   Short Notes & Multiple Choice Questions: Hindu Law          
PG4687   Short Notes & Multiple Choice Questions: Limitation Act 1963
PG4688   Interpreting Financial Policies for the Common Person      
         Tarapore, S. S.
PG4689   Three Judges and Their Times
         Chapalgaonkar, Narendra P.
PG4690   Insight in to the New Company Law
         Manekar , Prachi.      
PG4691   Law and Reality
         Singh , Devi Prasad.                    
PG4692   Art of Writing Judgement
         Narayana, P. S.                
PG4693   Textbook on Indian Penal Code
         Gau, K. D.                  
G4694   Research Method For Law
         Mcconville, Mike.                
PG4695   Indian Administrative Law
         Kagzi, M.C. Jain.              
PG4696   Constitution Corruption Pathological Casualties and        
         radical remedies reformatories
         Iyer, V. R. Krishna.
PG4697   Transfer of Property Act
         Mittal , Himanshi.              
PG4698   Land Laws : Lease; Licenses Rent Control and Sum Clearance in Delhi
PG4699   Negotiable Instruments Act
         Mittal, himanshi.            
PG4700   Muslim Law
         Khanna, Rita.                                  
PG4701   Equity, Trust and Mortgage
         Mittal, Himanshi.            
PG4702   Law, Poverty and Development
         Goel, Hemant.                
PG4703   Law Relating to Elections
         Prakash, Abhinav.              
PG4704   An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Arrivals October 2013

PG4565   Electronic Evidence
         Mason, Stephen.                      
PG4566   Parliament, Powers Functions & Privileges
         Chauhan,K. S.
PG4567   Law of Elections and Election Petitions Vol-1            
         Doabia, H. S.
PG4568   Law of Elections and Election Petitions Vol-2
         Doabia, H. S.
PG4569   Reclaiming The Vision: Challenges of Indian              
         Constitutional Law and Governance
         Rao, P.P.
PG4570   Choosing Hammurbi:Debates On Judicial Appointments        
         Paul, Santhosh.
PG4571   Patent Agent Examination
         Chopra ,Sheetal.            
PG4572   Short Notes & Multiple Choice Questions : The            
         Partnesrhip Act 1932
PG4573   Crossing Thresholds : Feminist Essay in Social History    
PG4574   Everyday Life In a Prison : Confinement ,                
         Surveillance, Resistance
         Bandyopadhyay, Mahuya.
PG4575   Industry , Labour and society
         Bhowmik, sharit K.        
PG4576   Story of a Chief Justice
         Bhat , U. L.                    
PG4577   Guide To Companies Act 2013
         Corporate Law Advisor.      
PG4578   Companies Act 2013 Knowing the Changes
         Corporate Law Advisor.
PG4579   New Law Relating to Land Acquisition Rehabilitation & Resettlement
PG4580   British India 1772-1947
         Edwardes , Michael.              
PG4581   What is History ?
         Carr, E. H.                            
PG4582   The Prince
         Machiavelli, Niccolo .                        
PG4583   Animal Farm: A Fairy Story
         Orwell, George.              
PG4584   Republic
PG4585   1984
         Orwell, George.                                    
PG4586   Dictionary On Tax Laws
         Sampath, K. R.                  
PG4587   Law of Contempt
PG4588   Law of Negligence & Nuisance
         Buckley , Richard A.      
PG4589   Property Rights of Women in India
         Raghavan, T.          
PG4590   Cultural Property Law: Management , Protection            
         Sandipan , Urmil.
PG4591   English for Jobseekers: Language and soft skills for      
         the aspiring
         Mukhopadhyay, Lina.
PG4592   Gandhi as Disciple and Mentor
         Weber, Thomas.            
PG4593   Law of Contract- I & Specific Relief Act 1963              
         Kapoor, S. K.
PG4598   Environmental Law
         Paranjape, Vinay N.                    
PG4599   Indian Penal Code
         Bhattacharyya, T.                    
PG4600   Law Relating to Women
         Gupta , Sant Prasad.
PG4601   Professional Ethics Accountancy For Lawyers & Bench      
         Bar Relations
         Gupta , Sant Prasad.
PG4602   Environment and Wildlife Laws in India
         Majumdar,Arjya B.
PG4603   Constitution of India
         Shukla , V. N.                    
PG4604   Advocacy & Professional Ethics
         Chari, K. Gururaja.    
PG4605   Alternative Dispute Resolution
         Verma , J. K.            
PG4606   Plea Bargaining
         Narayana, P. S.                      
PG4607   Law of Pardons
         Narayana, P. S.                          
PG4608   Constitutional Law I
         Kumar, Lauv.                        
PG4609   Law of Contract I
         Sharma, Kriti.                        
PG4610   Jurisprudence -I
         Tiwari, Garima.                        
PG4611   Indian Legal Theory
         Agnihotri, Anubhuti.                
PG4612   Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Act
         Krishna ,Deepu.
PG4613   Responsibility of International Organisation Towards      
         other International Organisations
         Patel, Bimal N.
PG4614   Intellectual Property Law
         Singh , Avtar.                

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Arrivals September 2013

PG4493   From Village Elder to British Judge: Custom ,            
         Customary Law and Tribal Society
  Sen, Ashoka Kumar.
PG4494   Legislature and the Judiciary
         Baxi, Upendra.          
PG4495   Women and Work
         Swaminathan, Padmini.              
PG4496   Women and Social Reforms In Modern India Vol-1            
         Sarkar, Sumit.
PG4497   Women and Social Reforms In Modern India Vol-2            
         Sarkar, Sumit.
PG4498   Good Women Do Not Inherit Land Gender  In India          
         Rao, Nitya.
PG4499   4 Victoria Terrace Memories of a Surgeon
         Chatterjee,Subir K.
PG4500   Disability and Society
         Addlakha , Renu.                  
PG4501   Dishonored by History Criminal Tribes and British        
         Colonial Policy
         Radhakrishnan, Meena.
PG4502   Economics : A Primer for India
         Omkarnath, G.            
PG4503   Everyday State & Society In Modern India
         Fuller, C.J.
PG4504   Health Illness & Medicine ethnographic Reading            
         Mishra, Arima.
PG4505   Higher Education In India : In search of Equaltiy ,      
         Quality and Quantity
         Tilak, Jandhyala B. G.
PG4506   India's Environmental History : From Ancient Times to    
         the Colonial Period Vol-1
         Rangarajan, Mahesh.
PG4507   India's Environmental History : From Ancient Times to      
         the Colonial Period Vol-2
         Rangarajan, Mahesh.
PG4508   Middle-Class Moralities Everyday Struggle Over            
         Prestige in India
         Saavala, Minna.
PG4509   Mumbai Political Economy of Crime and Space
PG4510   Social Determinatant of Health : Assessing Theory ,        
         Policy & Practice
         Bhattacharya, Sanjay.
PG4511   Adivasi Question: Issues of Land Forest and Livelihood    
         Munishi, Indra.
PG4512   Enchantment of Democracy and India : Politics and Ideas  
         Kaviraj, Sudipta.
PG4513   Understanding Indian Society Past and Present            
         Baviskar , B. S.
PG4514   Village Society
         Jodhka , Surinder S.                  
PG4515   Who Wants Democracy ?
         Alam, Javeed.                      
PG4516   Demography and Democracy ; Essays on Nationalism,        
         Gender and Ideology
         Bannerji, Himani.
PG4517   Politics in India
         Kothari, Rajni.                      
PG4518   Politics of Climate Change and The Global Crisis:        
         Mortgaging Our Future
         Bidwai, Praful.
PG4519   Economic Policies & India's Reforms Agenda : New          
         Reddy, Y. V.
PG4520   Studying Literature: An Introduction to Fiction &          
         Nayar, Pramod K.
PG4521   Know Your English Vol-1 Idioms & Their Stories            
         Upendran, S.
PG4522   Know Your English Vol-2 Words Frequently Confused          
         Upendran, S.
PG4523   White Sandalwood Spanish- English Bilingual Edition        
         Fabri, Carla.
PG4524   My Story ....Our Story of Re-Building Broken Lives      
         Agens, Flavia.
PG4525   International Refugee Law : A Reader
         Chimni, B.S.        
PG4526   Crime and Justice in India
         Unnithan, N. Prabha.        
PG4527   Separated and Divorced Women in India: Economic Rights    
         and Entitlements
         Singh, Kirti.
PG4528   Textbook on Human Rights Law & Practice
         Jain ,Rashee.
PG4529   Textbook on Sale of Goods Act & Hire Purchase            
         Saharay, Madhusudan.
PG4530   Textbook on Legal Language & Legal Writing
PG4531   Textbook of Comparative Government And Politics          
         Mehta, S. K.
PG4532   Foreign Policy Theory & International Relations in the    
         21st Century
         Miluwi, Joshua O.
PG4533   Re-Thinking the Law: Emerging Issues & Challenges        
         Kansra, Deepa.
PG4534   Role of ICT in Doctoral Research
         Sonaje, Nitin P.        
PG4535   Justice : What's the Right Things to Do?
         Sandel,Michael J.
PG4536   What Money Can't Buy: Moral Limits of Market
         Sandel,Michael J.
PG4537   An Uncertain Glory ; India and Its Contradiction          
         Dreze , Jean.
PG4538   Innovation Secrets of Indian CEOs
         Shetty, Rekha.
PG4539   Research Methods For Law
         Mcconville, Mike.              
PG4540   Principles of Criminology
         Sutherland , Edwin h.          
PG4541   Law Relating To i pads, Tablets Smartphones & Smart      
         Duggal, Pavan.
PG4542   Labour Problems & Remedies
         Kumar, H. L.                
PG4543   Practical Guide To Industrial Employment
         Kumar, H.L.
PG4544   Practical Guide To Contract Labour Regulation &            
         Abolition Act & Rules
         Kumar, H. L.
PG4545   Legal G.K For Competitive Examinations
PG4546   Commentaries on the Transfer of Property Act Vol-1 S.      
         1 to 57
         Vakils, Darashaw, J.
PG4547   Commentaries on the Transfer of Property  Act vol-2 s.    
         58 to End
         Vakils , Darashaw J.
PG4548   ADR Principles & Practice
         Brown , Henry J.              
PG4549   Companies Act 2013
PG4551   Criminal Law; Criminal Liability & Other Concepts Of      
         Substantive Criminal Law
         Deswal, Vageshwari.
PG4552   Alchemists; Inside the Secret World of Central Bankers    
         Irwin , Neil.
PG4553   Liberty, Equity and Justice : Struggles For a New        
         Social Order
         Sathe, S. P.
PG4555   10 Judgments That Charged India
         Mody, Zia.              
PG4556   Indian Constitutional law : With Constitutional            
         Document Vol-1
         Jain, M. P.
PG4557   Indian Constitutional law : With Constitutional            
         Document Vol-2
         Jain, M. P.
PG4562   Radiation Threat: An Emergency in The Making
         Pandey, Harsaran Bir Kaur.
PG4563   Legal Method , Reasoning and Research Methodology          
         Bhatia, K. L.